Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud for Life Sciences: new products and new partners


Google Cloud helps enterprises manage, process, structure, and analyze all kinds of biomedical data through both products and partnerships. Imagine being able to make sense of the immense volume of genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic, phenotypic, and other data generated in research and clinical labs by structuring all of it in the cloud to deliver patient insights across millions of samples.

This week at Bio-IT World, we’re showcasing our progress toward this goal through new Google Cloud Platform products such as Variant Transforms, which helps organizations structure genomic variant data in BigQuery, as well as new partnerships that help teams achieve operational and scientific excellence through cloud computing. These partnerships include:

  • BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics, is bringing GeneVision to GCP. GeneVision provides an end-to-end SaaS solution delivering on the promise of precision medicine, from raw genome data to actionable patient report.
  • FireCloud from the Broad Institute is an open platform for secure and scalable analysis in the cloud. FireCloud uses Cromwell, a popular open source workflow engine also created by the Broad, to leverage the Google Genomics API Pipelines component to run secondary analysis pipelines at scale.
  • Dell EMC is offering Dell EMC Isilon, a leading scale-out NAS platform, on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Currently in early access, Isilon Cloud for GCP allows organizations to deploy dedicated Isilon infrastructure with secure and sub-millisecond latency network access to Compute Engine clusters. Dell EMC will provide 24×7 proactive monitoring and support of the environment, while customers will be able to maintain full access to all Isilon OneFS management interfaces.
  • DNAstack is an advanced platform for genomics data storage, bioinformatics, and sharing in the cloud. DNAstack recently launched the Canadian Genomics Cloud, which provides a massively scalable platform compliant with Canadian federal and provincial regulations for data privacy and security, in Google Cloud’s brand new Montreal region.
  • Elastifile delivers enterprise-grade, scalable NFS file services in the public cloud, on-premises, or across both environments. Teams like Silicon Therapeutics use Elastifile on Google Cloud to power advanced drug discovery with tools like SLURM, to handle heterogeneous datasets at speed.
  • Komprise helps biomedical IT organizations manage data growth and cut costs through intelligent data management software. Komprise provides visibility across your current storage to identify cold or inactive data, and then transparently archive, replicate, and move that data to Google Cloud Storage. Moved data looks exactly the same as before, so users and applications face no disruption.
  • OnRamp.Bio is the team behind the ROSALIND platform. ROSALIND is a biologist-friendly bioinformatics engine for the analysis and interpretation of genomic data sets, now running on Google Cloud Platform. ROSALIND provides push-button simplicity with interactive visualization for a deeper discovery of data, without all the complexity of hashing together open source tools via command line.
  • PetaGene addresses IT challenges for genomic data. PetaSuite Cloud Edition enables organizations to easily cloud-enable their existing pipelines while delivering genomic compression to accelerate cloud transfers and reduce storage costs by up to 10x. For GCP customers, PetaSuite Cloud Edition enables customers to transparently run their pipelines directly to and from Google Cloud Storage as though they were local files, as well as from other public and private cloud storage.
  • Sentieon implements the industry standard mathematical methods used in BWA/GATK/MuTect/Mutect2, with efficient computing algorithms and robust software implementation. The Sentieon tools are scalable, deployable, upgradable, software-only solutions that run affordably in Google Cloud. We’ve provided the documentation to enable you to try out Sentieon’s tools right from your GCP account.
  • Seven Bridges offers hundreds of genomics tools, workflows, and datasets on the Google Cloud Platform in a secure managed environment. Their team can work with you to deploy complex workflows and develop the capabilities your organization needs to learn from your data faster.
  • WuXi NextCODE is a genomics company enabling researchers and clinicians to use genomic data to improve global health by uncovering disease associated genomic markers in patients, families, cohorts and populations. WuXi NextCODE is bringing their genomics aware suite of capabilities to Google Cloud and is now available through the Google Cloud Launcher marketplace.
If you aren’t familiar with our partners, we encourage you to visit us at booth #410 and meet them. They’ll be on hand to demonstrate their solutions. We’ve also set up a special website for the conference, where you can track our partners’ talks and demos, sign up for a one-on-one meeting with our executive team, and register for our reception on Tuesday night. We hope to see you there!