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Fully managed export and import with Cloud Datastore now generally available

February 28, 2018
Dan McGrath

Product Manager, Google Cloud

If you store information in a database, you know how important it is to have an easy and reliable way to get data in and out — whether you’re making a copy for backup or archival purposes, or you want to restore data after a user “ooops” moment. So today, we're announcing the general availability of managed export and import for Cloud Datastore, our highly scalable NoSQL managed database service.

This feature, in beta since September, replaces the previous Cloud Datastore Admin backup module, and provides a more fully managed database experience. Some of the benefits of managed export and import include:

  • Fully managed by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and exposed as a simple service 
  • Improved export speed achieved through sharding improvements 
  • A new API in the same form as the Cloud Datastore v1 API 
  • Integration with Cloud IAM 
  • Billing exclusively based on Cloud Datastore entity reads and writes; no longer billing for App Engine instance hours

Batterii, a consumer insights and collaboration platform, has been using Cloud Datastore for seven years. Previously, our backups took 8-10 hours. With managed export and import, we can now complete those backups in an hour.

—Greg Fairbanks, Senior Software Engineer

Since its beta release in September 2017, early users now perform more than 10,000 exports and imports per week. Now that the new feature is generally available, we'll phase out Datastore Admin backup in 12 months, and starting on February 28th, 2019, it will no longer be available from the Google Cloud Console. To learn more and to get started with managed exports and imports, check out the documentation on exporting and importing entities and scheduling an export.

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