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Custom Machine Types goes GA, saving you up to 50% on compute costs

February 17, 2016
Sami Iqram

Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Custom Machine Types for Google Compute Engine, which let you create virtual machines with vCPU and memory configurations that are perfect for your workloads.

Since our Beta launch, we've seen customers create virtual machines with novel vCPU and memory ratios that aren’t available from any of the major cloud providers. As a result, our customers have saved an average of 19% — and as much as 50% — on top of our already market-leading prices.

  • Wix has seen an 18% savings in compute to power their media platform that now serves over 75 million users.
  • Lytics is saving 20% to 50% by accurately matching resource need to each compute type they used to unlock behavior-rich insights with their Customer Data Platform.
  • iRewind is seeing up to 20% saved in processing cost to power their pipeline that produced more than 500,000 movies just last year.

Custom Machine Types extend Google Compute Engine’s tradition of making IaaS truly flexible and ensuring you only pay for the resources you use. Per-minute billing broke you free from the imposed hourly charges. Sustained Use Discounts made sure you get automatic discounts based on usage without upfront commitments or prepayments. Now, Custom Machine Types give you the option to configure your VMs to achieve the best price performance for your specific workload.

You can create virtual machines with as few as 1 vCPU and as many as 32 vCPUs with up to 6.5 GiB of memory per vCPU. You can use Custom Machine Types with CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and now with RedHat, and Windows operating systems. Or bring your own Linux variant to further customize your setup. Google Container Engine and Deployment Manager now also support Custom Machine Types.

Custom Machine Types have flat pricing based on per vCPUs and per GiB of memory usage. A 4 vCPU, 10 GiB of memory VM, for example, costs half as much as an 8 vCPU 20 GiB memory VM. You also get our standard customer-friendly pricing features like per-minute billing and sustained use discounts.

Give Custom Machine Types a try today and see how much you could save! Visit the Compute Engine section of Google Cloud Platform Console and click Create Instance. In the Create instance page, you'll notice Machine Type now has a Basic and Customize view. Click Customize and build a virtual machine to fit your needs.


Custom Machine Types are supported by the gcloud command-line tool and through our API. Creating a VM is as easy as:

$ gcloud components update
 $ gcloud compute instances create my-custom-vm --custom-cpu 6
--custom-memory 12 --zone us-central1-f

For more info on Custom Machine Types, visit our website.

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