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Connecting employers near and far to remote job seekers with Cloud Talent Solution

April 24, 2019
Jennifer Su

Cloud Product Manager

In March, Cloud Talent Solution announced new functionality that enables job search by preferred commute time and mode of transit, including walking, cycling, driving, and public transportation. We also enhanced our job search capabilities in more than 100 languages. And we continue to hear from employers that finding and engaging a larger talent pool is a top priority, which means meeting job seekers where they are. In today’s era of agility, speed and innovation, companies must be able to adapt across every part of their business to keep up with competition, starting with their workforce.

To help employers and recruitment platforms connect with candidates who need more flexibility, today we are announcing an improved job search experience that allows our customers to make remote work opportunities in the U.S. more discoverable on their career sites. This functionality supports users who search for jobs with terms like “work from home” or “WFH” and returns the relevant jobs that may be labeled differently as “remote” or “telecommute.”

Job seekers have different lifestyle and geographic needs that require flexibility. Working from home can enable parents and caregivers to be more available to their families. It can help retain a high performing employee who regularly relocates as a military spouse. And it can help increase the loyalty of millennial and Generation Z employees who are much likelier to stay in a role for 5+ years if their company is flexible about where and when they work.

Through a number of user studies, we learned that most remote jobs were not clearly labeled as such. And our customers have told us it is difficult to accurately detect and return remote opportunities when users enter “work from home” or related queries into their search box. By offering this capability to our customers, we hope to make remote work opportunities more discoverable to job seekers who need them.

What remote work flexibility means for businesses

Highmark Health is a national health and wellness organization whose more than 43,000 employees serve millions of Americans nationwide. Highmark Health offers diverse career opportunities to contribute to a remarkable health experience, across a wide variety of disciplines, including nursing, customer service, finance and IT. As an employer, Highmark Health invests heavily in building diverse talent pipelines, including students and new grads, veterans, and people with disabilities, because the organization believes that diverse perspectives drive a better employee and patient experience, as well as better business outcomes. By offering remote work opportunities, Highmark Health is able to attract a broader audience of job seekers who may require work location flexibility in order to do their best work.

Highmark Health has integrated Cloud Talent Solution through Symphony Talent to offer remote work and other inclusive job search functionality to all candidates who visit their career site.

“Remote positions allow our organization to remove geography as a barrier and tap into talent markets that we would not otherwise have access to,” commented Karl Sparre, Vice President, Talent Solutions, Highmark Health. “Our collaboration with Google and Symphony Talent enables us to compete for top talent in the current record low unemployment market, as remote positions are critical to the success of our businesses that have a nationwide consumer presence.”

“By infusing our clients’ career sites with the power of Google Cloud Talent Solution’s enhanced search capabilities, we are empowering our customers to transform their candidate experience into one that is more personalized and responsive,” said Roopesh Nair, President and CEO, Symphony Talent. “Google is driving new levels of talent marketing experiences, making it the ideal strategic partnership to accelerate our passion to deliver the right fit, quality talent to our clients.”

RecruitMilitary connects organizations with veteran talent through over 30 products and services, all of which are fueled by their job board. Their job board, with over 1.4M members, is core to RecruitMilitary’s overall business and is powered by Google Cloud Talent Solution’s job search functionality. By offering an improved search experience for remote work opportunities on RecruitMilitary’s job board, job seekers in the military community can now discover more flexible jobs to suit their specific needs.

“We’re excited about this feature as it enhances our ability to deliver meaningful jobs to important members of our military community, military spouses and veterans with limited mobility,” said Mike Francomb, Senior Vice President of Technology for RecruitMilitary and Bradley-Morris. “With this capability, these audiences will now have ease of access to opportunities that accommodate the unique aspects of their job search. Spouses can now connect with more portable career options as they move to support their service member spouse. With this new feature, veterans who prefer to or need to work from home will now have a path to opportunities that allow them to do so.”

This new functionality supporting the discoverability of remote work opportunities is available to any site using Cloud Talent Solution to power its job search.

And if you are an employer or running a job board or staffing agency and want to help more people find the right job opportunities on your site, visit our website to get started with Cloud Talent Solution today.

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