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Announcing new Stackdriver pricing — visibility for less

March 12, 2018
Mary Koes

Product Manager, Google Cloud

JD Velásquez

Product Manager

Today we're introducing simplified pricing for Stackdriver Monitoring and Logging, and bringing advanced functionality that was limited to a premium pricing tier to all Stackdriver users.

Starting June 30, 2018, you get the advanced alerting and notification options you need to monitor your cloud applications, as well as the flexibility to create monitoring dashboards and alerting policies—without having to opt-in to premium pricing.

Stackdriver Monitoring

Stackdriver Monitoring provides visibility into the performance, uptime and overall health of cloud-powered applications. A hybrid service, Stackdriver Monitoring integrates with GCP, AWS and a variety of common application components.

Highlights of the new Stackdriver Monitoring pricing model include:

  • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model that optimizes your spend—pay only for the monitoring data you send, not by the number of resources you have in your projects.
  • Permanent free allocation replaces free trials — all GCP metrics and the first 150 MB of non-GCP metrics per month are available at no cost. 
  • Automatic volume-based discounts — for non-GCP metrics including agent metrics, AWS metrics, logs based metrics, and custom metrics, this volume-based pricing of $.258 down to $.061 per MB ingested represents an up to 80% discount over previously announced prices.

Stackdriver Logging

The key to a well-managed application is to retain meaningful quantities of logging data. Stackdriver Logging allows you to store, search, analyze, monitor and alert on log data and events from GCP, AWS, or ingest custom log data from any source. Beginning today, we’re increasing the retention of logs from seven days to 30 days for all users regardless of tier. In addition, we’re delaying enforcement of log pricing until June 30 from our previously announced date of March 31.

The pricing model for logs is:

  • 50 GB per month free allocation of logs ingested
  • Logs over the free allocation are billed based on volume ingested at $.50 per GB
  • Stackdriver Monitoring and Logging are priced independently

In order to help you control costs, we also provide exclusion filters that enable you to pay only for the logs you want to keep—or even to turn off log ingestion to Stackdriver completely while still allowing logs to be exported to GCS, PubSub or BigQuery.

Here at Google Cloud, we believe that monitoring, logging and performance management are the foundation of any well-managed application—in our cloud, on another cloud, or on-premises. We hope that this new pricing model will enable you to use the Stackdriver family of tools widely and freely. Thank you for your continued feedback—it helps us make our products better. To learn more about Stackdriver, check out our documentation or join in the conversation in our discussion group.

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