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Announcing integration of Altair HPC applications with Google Cloud

November 13, 2017
Michael Basilyan

Product Manager, Compute Engine

Annie Ma-Weaver

Group Product Manager, Google Cloud HPC

Engineering today requires access to unprecedented computing resources to simulate, test and design the products that make modern life possible. Here at Google Cloud, one of our goals is to democratize and simplify access to advanced computing resources and promote the sciences and engineering.

With that, we’re excited to announce a new technology partnership between Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Intel and Altair, a leading software provider for engineering and science applications, including high performance computing (HPC) applications for computer-aided engineering, simulation, product design, Internet of Things and others.

Starting today, you can launch virtual HPC appliances running Altair and other HPC applications on GCP using Altair’s PBScloud.io. PBScloud provides a central command center, a simple user experience, easy deployment, real-time monitoring and resource management for HPC use cases. It also includes features for job submission, job monitoring and result visualization. PBScloud.io also works and orchestrates across multiple public clouds and traditional on-premises deployments.

Altair applications available on GCP via PBScloud.io

Before cloud computing, engineers and scientists were constrained by the limitations of on-premise computing resources and clusters. Long queue times, suboptimal hardware utilization and frustrated users were commonplace. With Google Cloud, you can test your ideas quickly, pay for exactly what you need and only while you need it. Now with Altair’s PBScloud.io, you also have easy, turn-key access to state-of-the-art science and engineering applications on GCP’s advanced, scalable hardware and infrastructure.

Compare, for example, the performance of Altair RADIOSS on Intel’s latest generation Xeon processor codenamed Skylake on Compute Engine vs. its performance on previous generation CPUs. Note that RADIOSS demonstrated product scalability by taking advantage of all 96 vCPUs on GCP.


We’re excited to bring this collaboration to you and even more excited to see what you'll build with Altair’s software on our platform. If you’re at the SC17 conference, be sure to drop by the Google Cloud, Altair and Intel booths for talks, demos and to talk about HPC on Google Cloud.

Check out PBScloud.io and sign up for a GCP trial at no cost today.

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