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Google Cloud

Delivering ongoing value with a deliberate customer success strategy

October 28, 2022
Ken Drachnik

Product Marketing, Google Cloud

Google invests in customer experience

Data Capital Management (DCM) was looking to advance the development of AI investment methods by migrating to Google Cloud. DCM needed a cloud provider and support service that was more than just technical support to fix short-term issues. Instead, they wanted a true strategic ally that could provide access to engineering resources to help solve their highly complex needs and drive long-term innovation and business growth. 

To support customers like DCM, we’ve invested in our Customer Experience team and organized resources to be closer to our customers. From Technical Account Managers (TAM) to Customer Success teams and Professional Service Consultants, we offer a unified approach to reducing the complexities of cloud migration. This includes guided strategies spanning people, process, and technology to help customers map a successful journey.

The experience that customers have with an enterprise can have a huge influence in their purchase decisions. IDC covers this in their market note “Google Cloud: Delivering Ongoing Customer Value with a Deliberate Customer Success Strategy” by Sudhir Rajagopal, which highlights the significant moves we’ve made to deliver the right service with the right specialist to our customers. IDC developed this note after spending a day with Google executives, learning about the future of our customer experience directions.

We’ve pulled out a few highlights from the report to help you identify some common challenges and how Google is adapting to better address those.

IDC notes that customer experience is key to buying 

“As we move into the age of experiences, the relationship between customers and brands continues to evolve. Customer experience (CX) reigns as the number one influencer of buying decisions. Indeed, IDC's research shows that 80% of B2B buyers agree that their overall customer experience with a vendor will have a strong influence in purchasing from that vendor.”

In addition, IDC notes that “next-generation customer experience will require organizations to elevate their customer context for emotionally intelligent engagement; deliver fluid, omni-channel experiences; and deliver value for the customer in the micro-moments and the whole journey, with a focus on empathetic customer outcomes.”

Google Cloud is easier to partner with

IDC notes that “global enterprises should find it easier to partner with Google with the release of new products and configurations that address special customer needs at the regional/local level (e.g., sovereign cloud offerings in Europe). Scaled solution delivery and implementation is enabled through the professional services organization (PSO), which is positioned as fundamental to Google Cloud's customer success strategy.”

“Contextual, purpose-built cloud solutions that are specific to a customer's sector needs are key enablers in transformation programs. Google Cloud is making a deliberate effort to understand its customers in the context of its industry with tailored industry solutions and support offerings that address the challenges of the customer's core business.”

Context-aware customer engagement

IDC states that “Google Cloud has a go-to-market approach that is contextualized by buyer personas with tailored value outcomes to each persona (e.g., IT leaders, LOB leaders, CISOs, CEOs), product/business function (e.g., data and analytics, security), market segment (e.g., digital native versus traditional companies that may require more complete/E2E transformation), and the engagement life cycle (e.g., early-stage engagement, implementation ramp-up).”

Customer satisfaction

IDC believes that “with customer experience now anchored by two-way conversational engagement, not only do customers want prescriptive experiences, but they also want the brand to know how they feel — the level of satisfaction.”  IDC notes: “To shore up customer advocacy, this year, Google Cloud is launching four new executive briefing centers in London, Paris, Munich, and Singapore set on Google Cloud campuses. 

Google Cloud has made efforts to extend customer experience throughout the relationship from decision to partner, solution delivery/implementation, and relationship expansion, with investments to offer scalability along with quality. IDC believes that with a continued focus on customer experience and value outcomes, Google Cloud should be able to sustain customer momentum in the market.”

For all the details, read the full IDC Market Note, “Google Cloud: Delivering Ongoing Customer Value with a Deliberate Customer Success Strategy”.

What's next?

To learn about how our customer experience offerings have evolved over the past year, read about our offerings.

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