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21 new open-source solutions available from Google Cloud Launcher

October 18, 2017
Quan To

Product Manager

Deploying open-source solutions in the cloud usually means a lot of work keeping up-to-date with security hotfixes and version updates. Our Cloud Launcher marketplace provides production-grade solutions that you can launch and manage in just a few clicks, and Click To Deploy solutions further lower operational costs with open source products that are maintained by Google.

Click To Deploy solutions are vanilla installs identical to what you install yourself. When a critical vulnerability is detected, we jump on it and provide an updated solution as soon as we can. Existing customers also get a notification to update their image. Google Cloud customers tell us they love the ease and simplicity of Click To Deploy solutions, and have come to rely on our timeliness to help keep them secure.

Today, we launched an additional 21 new VM solutions for some of the most popular open-source products:

There’s no additional cost to use Click to Deploy solutions beyond the cost of infrastructure. Check out the full catalog of Click To Deploy solutions for Cloud Launcher, and if you’re new to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), get started with $300 dollar of credits for 12 months.
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