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Same Cloud Bigtable database, now for smaller workloads

April 7, 2020
Sandy Ghai

Product Manager, Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Bigtable is a fast, petabyte-scale NoSQL database service that has long supported massive workloads, both internally at Google and for Google Cloud customers. We are now announcing that Bigtable is expanding its support for smaller workloads.

You can now create production instances with one or two nodes per cluster, down from the previous minimum of three nodes per cluster. We are also expanding our SLA to cover all Bigtable instances, regardless of type or size. This means that you can get started for as low as $0.65/hour to take advantage of Cloud Bigtable’s low-latency data access and seamless scalability. Cloud Bigtable performs exceptionally well for use cases like personalization, fraud detection, time series, and other workloads where performance and scalability are critical. 

Bigtable at any scale
You don’t need a terabyte- or petabyte-scale workload to take advantage of Bigtable! We want Bigtable to be an excellent home for all of your key-value and wide-column use-cases, both large and small. That’s true whether you’re a developer just getting started, or an established enterprise looking for a landing place for your self-managed HBase or Cassandra clusters.

Get started by creating a new Bigtable instance:


Making replication more affordable
We’ve seen customers use replication to get better workload isolation, higher availability, and faster local access for global applications. By reducing our minimum cluster size, it’s now more affordable than ever to try replication. To enable replication, just add a new cluster to any existing instance.

Easy management of development and staging environments
Finally, we heard your feedback that development instances were missing features needed to more easily manage development and staging environments. We’re excited to offer one-node production instances at the same price point as development instances, but with the added ability to scale up and down to run tests. You can now upgrade your existing development instances to a one-node production instance at any time.

Learn more
To get started with Bigtable, create an instance or try it out with a Bigtable Qwiklab. Between now and April 30, 2020, Google Cloud is offering free access to training and certification, including access to Qwiklabs, for 30 days. Register before April 30, 2020 to get started for free.

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