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Exploring Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition for your MySQL and PostgreSQL workloads

February 6, 2024
Subra Chandramouli

Sr. Product Manager, Google Cloud

Bala Narasimhan

Group Product Manager, Google Cloud

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In June ‘23, we launched Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition for MySQL and PostgreSQL, providing all of the great benefits you get with Enterprise edition, plus tremendous improvements in performance, availability and data protection. Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition provides 99.99% availability SLA that’s inclusive of maintenance, near-zero-downtime upgrades, and up to 35-day point-in-time recovery capability.

Today we are excited to announce the availability of Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition in more regions around the world. The new regions with Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition support include:

  • Asia-northeast2 (Osaka)
  • Asia-south2 (Delhi)
  • Europe-north1 (Finland)
  • Europe-southwest1 (Madrid)
  • US-east5 (Columbus)
  • US-south1 (Dallas)

Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition is already available around the world and we will continue to expand regional availability. You can find a complete list of supported regions at Google Cloud regions.

As your go-to managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgresQL and SQL Server, Cloud SQL lowers the cost of database ownership in several ways: it makes it easy to set up and operate a highly available database, scale with replicas, provides security, automates database upgrades and maintenance, and manages and monitors your database. It’s also easy to migrate to Cloud SQL using Google Cloud’s Database Migration Service. It’s no surprise then, that more than 95% of Google Cloud's top 100 customers use Cloud SQL.

Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition for MySQL and PostgreSQL also now supports in-place upgrades to seamlessly move instances from Cloud SQL Enterprise to Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition. This means zero application reconfiguration since your Cloud SQL instance’s name and IP address stay the same and the upgrade typically finishes in less than 60 seconds.

To get started, provision an Enterprise Plus edition instance from the Google Cloud console or the gCloud API.

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