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Announcing General Availability of Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations

December 13, 2023
Brad Calder

Vice President and GM, Google Cloud

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At Google Cloud, we are infusing the power of AI throughout our products and solutions to build AI services that can help all of our users. Duet AI in Google Cloud provides you with AI-powered collaborators to boost your productivity, gain competitive insights, and improve your bottom line.

Today, we are announcing that Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations are now generally available (GA). These offerings join Duet AI in Google Workspace, which has been generally available since August. All of our Duet AI services will be incorporating Gemini, our most capable model, over the next few weeks.

Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations are the first two Duet AI in Google Cloud offerings to go GA, with more planned for early next year, including Duet AI in BigQuery, Looker, our database products, Apigee, and Colab Enterprise.

Increase developer productivity with Duet AI for Developers

AI assistance brings huge productivity gains when it comes to software development. AI assistance can also improve the quality of the software that is being written, for instance, by improving documentation of code, ensuring that code is better tested, and improving how software dependencies are checked more rigorously. AI assistance can also improve the reliability and cost efficiency for how software is deployed, monitored, and managed. The GA of Duet AI for Developers marks our official entrance into the AI-powered developer productivity tool market. Duet AI for Developers offers AI-powered code and chat assistance to help developers build applications inside their favorite code editor and software development lifecycle tools. Duet AI for Developers also streamlines running applications on Google Cloud, with unique capabilities around application deployment, troubleshooting, and issue remediation.

With Duet AI for Developers, users can:

  • Code faster with AI code completion, code generation, and chat, available in multiple integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Cloud Shell Editor, Cloud Workstations, IntelliJ, PyCharm Visual Studio Code, and many more. Duet supports 20+ programming languages such as C, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, and Python.
  • Streamline repetitive developer tasks and processes with Smart Actions – one-click shortcuts for common tasks such as unit test generation and code explanation.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting and issue remediation with AI log summarization and error explanation integrated into Google Cloud operations products like Cloud Logging.
  • Help reduce context-switching and expedite learning by asking Duet AI questions through natural language chat, available both in IDEs and the Google Cloud Console.
  • Support enterprise privacy, security, and compliance requirements with built-in security features like Private endpoint (Private Google Access), VPC-Service Controls, and Enterprise Access Controls with granular IAM permissions.

Build, deploy, and operate a Node.js application with Duet AI for Developers

In addition to the above, customers will soon be able to customize Duet AI for Developers, enabling their developers to receive code suggestions informed by internal private code and following their organization's code conventions. We are currently testing this with a few select enterprises, and it will be available in Q2 of 2024.

With Duet AI for Developers, we’re helping many leading brands boost developer productivity, and we are already seeing customers reaping the productivity benefits of Duet AI for Developers. For example, Turing – an AI-powered tech services company – saw a 33% developer productivity gain while using Duet AI in their development teams.


“Commerzbank evaluates the integration of Duet AI within Cloud Workstations as a service to optimize productivity for developers, operators, and data scientists. As Cloud Workstation comes with enterprise-grade security controls and customization features to fulfill administrative and regulatory needs, Duet AI blends directly into the workflow of Cloud Workstation's users. We foresee processes like documentation generation, code completion, and code translation having a significant positive impact from leveraging Duet AI capabilities within Cloud Workstations.” - Christian Gorke, VP/Head of Cyber Center of Excellence, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Commerzbank AG

From December 13, 2023 to Feb 1, 2024, customers can use Duet AI for Developers at no cost. Simply go to Duet AI for Developers web page and follow the instructions to access Duet AI for Developers. Additional details on Duet AI for Developers, including pricing, can also be found on the webpage here.

Growing partner ecosystem of Duet AI for Developers

Today, we’re also announcing that more than 25 Code-assist and Knowledge-base partners will contribute datasets specific to their platforms, so users of Duet AI for Developers can receive AI assistance based on partners’ coding and data models, product documentation, best practices, and other useful enterprise resources.

  • Code-assist partners help Duet AI for Developers provide technology-aware coding assistance for popular products in the developer ecosystem. For instance, with code assist partners like Confluent, HashiCorp, and MongoDB, Duet AI for Developers will be trained to generate code that is specific to those platforms, so that developers can build and troubleshoot faster using their preferred development tools.
  • Knowledge-base partners allow Duet AI for Developers to provide access to documentation and knowledge sources for popular developer products. With knowledge base partners such as Datadog, JetBrains, and Langchain, Duet AI for Developers can easily retrieve partner-specific information like how to best resolve common production issues and vulnerabilities, or how to automate software tests for quality assurance.
  • Google Cloud Service partners also play a critical role in helping customers adopt gen AI, including Duet AI. These system integrator partners have committed to train over 150,000 experts and can help enterprises bring Duet AI for Developers into their existing development workflows.

Duet AI for Developers Partner Ecosystem

Supercharge threat detection, response, and prevention with Duet AI in Security Operations

With Duet AI in Security Operations we are the first major cloud provider in the market to make generative AI generally available to defenders in a unified SecOps platform. This incorporates our leading security intelligence (i.e., Mandiant’s frontline intelligence on vulnerabilities, malware, and threat indicators) to help defenders protect their organizations. Now, security teams can elevate their skills and boost productivity by accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response using the power of generative AI. With Duet AI in Security Operations, we are offering AI assistance first in Chronicle, where users can:

  • Search vast amounts of data in seconds with custom queries generated from natural language.
  • Reduce time-consuming manual reviews and quickly surface critical context by leveraging automatic summaries of case data and alerts.
  • Improve response time using recommendations for next steps to support incident remediation.

Security operations can now be supercharged with Duet AI across multiple dimensions - from streamlining threat detection and response to allowing a broader set of technology professionals, such as developers, to more easily comprehend and respond to threats giving the security experts time to focus on higher order issue resolution. With Duet AI in Security Operations, defenders can search event data and query across many log types without needing to know specialized syntax, saving valuable time.


Detect and respond to threats seamlessly with Duet AI in Security Operations

Early user feedback showed that Duet AI in Security Operations reduces the time security analysts spend writing, running, and refining searches and triaging complex cases by approximately 7X. Industry analysts from organizations like Enterprise Strategy Group recognize the benefits of Duet AI in Security Operations in improving Security Operation Center (SOC) efficiency and staff productivity:

"Enterprise Strategy Group research indicates security teams are getting buried by the scope, scale, pace, and complexity of day-to-day security operations tasks. With Duet AI in Security Operations, Google Cloud is making security more accessible, helping analysts investigate incidents more efficiently, automate many manual processes, and free up time to focus on higher priority needs. In this way, Google can help organizations bolster SOC efficiency and staff productivity." - Jon Oltsik, Distinguished Analyst and Fellow, Enterprise Strategy Group

Duet AI in Security Operations launched in preview earlier this year with over 150 customers. Feedback has been positive with less than 1% of requests receiving a “negative” rating by users. Customers like Pfizer are touting the benefits:

“Chronicle has unlocked the value of cybersecurity data at a massive scale. Data sources that used to take days to aggregate can now be analyzed in seconds. As we enter the next phase of our partnership, we are excited about Duet AI’s potential to dramatically increase the effectiveness of our team. The ability to use natural language queries to perform complex analysis will help new analysts on-board faster and let seasoned analysts rapidly pursue advanced threats across our complex environment." - Guy Delp, Vice President, Global Information Security, Pfizer

Defenders need the best models for the job and Duet AI in Security Operations currently leverages an industry-first extensible, security-specialized LLM, which we announced earlier this year. Our security-specialized LLM is trained on the latest frontline threat intelligence from Mandiant and VirusTotal, Chronicle’s hyper-scale security data and response playbooks, and Google’s massive corpus of threat information. As we continue to innovate in the generative AI space, Google Cloud customers will have access to multiple models, including Gemini, and some of our highly-specialized LLMs.

Duet AI in Security Operations will be included as part of Google Cloud’s Security Operations Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages, and existing Chronicle customers will have access to Duet AI at no cost for a promotional trial period until March 5, 2024.

Enterprise-grade solution with customer security and privacy in mind

Duet AI is powered by Google Cloud’s comprehensive and powerful vertically-integrated technology stack, which includes infrastructure, foundation models, and extensive platform capabilities, providing customers with a consistent, unified product experience. In addition, our commitment to responsible AI practices, coupled with our strict data governance policy, means users can rest assured that their code, inputs to Duet AI, and the recommendations generated by Duet AI will not be used to train any shared models nor used to develop any products. Customers control and own their data and IP. Furthermore, outputs of the models are covered by our IP indemnification policy.

Get started with Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations

  • Try Duet AI for Developers today at no cost. Starting today to Feb 1, 2024, users can visit the web page and follow the instructions to use Duet AI for Developers at no charge.
  • Attend Google Cloud Applied AI Summit to learn more about Duet AI and see the latest Duet AI demos.
  • Duet AI is coming to the city near you. Register here for our 2024 Duet AI Global Roadshow.
  • Learn how to use Duet AI with the new Google Cloud Skills Boost training courses.
  • For additional information on Duet AI in Security Operations, please tune in to our upcoming Security Talks event on December 19. You can also visit chronicle.security, connect with your account team, or contact us to learn more.
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