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Google Cloud Platform provides services that let you focus your development time on your application, not on your infrastructure. Build your app for Android, iOS, and the mobile web on services that will reliably scale as your app grows.


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Getting started

  • Mobile App Backend Services Learn how to use Firebase and Cloud Platform services to provide backend computation and storage for your mobile app. Select the services, design patterns, and communication protocols that are best for your app. The guide includes links to tutorials and sample code.

Taking it to the next level


Why Google for Mobile

scaleScale Fast

The scalability of Google Cloud Platform has powered thousands of mobile applications to deliver millions of customers' incredible experiences. This capacity to handle explosive growth can be the difference between a big splash and a big crash.


Let Google worry about database administration, server configuration, sharding and load balancing. With Traffic Splitting, you can A/B test different live versions of your mobile app potentially avoiding download marketplace updates.

Popular languagesPowerful Developer Tools

Easily support rich and sophisticated features in your mobile application by taking advantage of our mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS. These support not only cloud platform APIs such as the Firebase real-time data service, but other Google services such as Google Maps and Google Drive.

Customer successes


“App Engine enabled us to focus on developing the application. We wouldn’t have gotten here without the ease of development that App Engine gave us.” Bobby Murphy, CTO

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“Our customers love that we have a very predictable service. They love that we’ve never had downtime. Google App Engine has helped us accomplish this.”

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Pay Firebase

Quickly and easily build real-time mobile applications using Firebase, a real-time application platform that combines a highly scalable NoSQL database with rich SDKs for major mobile platforms.

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Pay Cloud Tools for Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android application development. One of the many features Android Studio offers is built-in support for the Google Cloud Platform. In a couple of clicks, Android Studio can add the required code and dependencies to your project for a functioning, runnable cloud backend that you can extend with the features you want, such as data storage.

Learn more about Cloud Tools for Android Studio

Pay Cloud Endpoints

Create RESTful services and make them accessible to iOS, Android and Javascript clients. Automatically generate client libraries to make wiring up the frontend easy. Built-in features include denial-of-service protection, OAuth 2.0 support and client key management.

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DMI is a world-leading provider of solutions and services that leverage mobile technologies and big data insights to drive better business performance. Our commitment to excellence in enterprise mobility, big data solutions and cybersecurity solutions, strategic consulting, managed services, and mobile application development has resulted in dramatic growth and an expanding global client base that includes hundreds of commercial clients and all fifteen U.S. federal departments.

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Plastic Mobile

Plastic is a collection of impressive engineers, artists, thinkers, and innovators with a common goal - to create extraordinary, flawless, user experiences. This modus operandi has been an intrinsic part of Plastic’s foundation which has led them to win countless awards and recognition. Leading the pack with Webby, W3, and Communicator awards under their belt, Plastic has earned its sterling reputation through perseverance and a quality that is simply unsurpassed.

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Google Cloud Messaging

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android is a service that allows you to send data from your server to your users' Android-powered device, and also to receive messages from devices on the same connection. The GCM service handles all aspects of queueing of messages and delivery to the target Android application running on the target device, and it is completely free.

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Google Drive API for Android

Integrate Google Drive into your app without writing a single line of networking code using the new Google Drive API for Android. Learn how you can interact with the files and folders stored in a user's Drive from your app with seamless offline support.

Cloud Endpoints Codelab

This codelab is an introduction to Google Cloud Endpoints, the technology that enables the publication of RESTful APIs which can easily be consumed by Android applications. We will start from an existing mobile Android application and connect it to a brand new backend powered by Cloud Endpoints.

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