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The Mobile Cloud Era

Mobile devices backed by scalable machine intelligence in the cloud is the defining computing paradigm of our time. Modern tools require special consideration for the challenges developers face on mobile: serverless capabilities, a cloud-first data model capable of persisting data even when the device is offline, low-latency access to media anywhere in the world, and real-time data synchronization across all mobile platforms. Cloud Platform gives developers comprehensive solutions with a focus on ease of use and speed – all without having to manage infrastructure.

Agility Enabled by Serverless and Real-Time

From a ridesharing car that blips toward a user on her smartphone to real-time dashboards in mobile apps and the web, users no longer tolerate stale information. Modern tools should handle the complexity of real-time applications on behalf of developers. Firebase is a unified app platform for iOS, Android, and the web that effortlessly syncs your data across all devices. Without requiring any server-side management, Cloud Functions lets you write single-purpose functions that respond to cloud events. Serverless solutions like Firebase and Cloud Functions let mobile developers focus on what’s important: a great client-side user experience, and shipping fast.

Mobile Backend at Google Scale

Today’s best apps blend client and cloud into a single platform, creating highly responsive experiences for users backed by powerful computing resources remotely. Cloud Platform helps you strike this balance easily for your mobile backend, where non-interactive tasks get offloaded to Cloud Platform, resulting in improved battery life on mobile, lower bandwidth usage, and a snappy client experience on mobile.

With App Engine, focus only on differentiating, high-level business logic using your favorite language. If you’re doing container-based development, try Container Engine powered by Kubernetes to automate deployment and scaling of your containerized applications. For developers with existing or legacy projects who want the full control of bare VMs, Compute Engine offers high performance VMs with industry-leading pricing and customizability. Use standard REST APIs or try the open source gRPC project for a lightweight data format used internally by engineering teams at Google.

NoOps Storage & Analytics

Store binary media or structured data on Google’s secure, global infrastructure. Choose from managed SQL to NoSQL options, including our category-defining archival product Nearline.

With your data on Cloud Platform, unlock insights with Google’s pioneering big data analytics products. Query petabytes of data with BigQuery, all without managing any infrastructure. Process both offline and real-time streaming data from your mobile apps using a unified programming model with Dataflow.

Speed is a Feature

Speed is a feature, and latency makes or breaks the mobile user experience. Google’s private fiber network spans the globe with over 70 points of presence across 33 countries, meaning your app data reaches users with the lowest latency possible. Whether it’s raw application data or media-rich imagery and video, your app data travels Google’s global network from our data centers to your users, anywhere in the world.


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“ App Engine enabled us to focus on developing the application. We wouldn’t have gotten here without the ease of development that App Engine gave us. ”

— Bobby Murphy CTO, Snapchat