Deploy an app in 300 seconds

See how easy it is to develop a mobile backend using custom code with Google Cloud Endpoints. Automatically generated strongly-typed client libraries for iOS, Android, and Javascript make calling backend APIs simple.

Benefits of building mobile apps on Google Cloud Platform:

Automatic scaling and load balancing

All you have to do is write your application code and we’ll handle the rest. No matter how many users you have, App Engine will scale to your needs.

Push notifications

Use Google Cloud Messaging to send data to your Android users and the Sockets API to send push notifications to your iOS users.

Geo-proximity search

Leverage App Engine’s Search API for geo-proximity search.

Data processing

Application logs can provide insight into app usage and backend behavior. BigQuery enables you to gather real time ad-hoc analysis of your log files, analyzing terabytes of data in seconds.

Static content serving

App Engine serves static files from dedicated servers and caches that are separate from the application servers.

Data storage

Google Cloud Storage lets you store objects and files up to terabytes in size using a simple REST based interface.

How to get started

Deploy a mobile app. All you need is Android Studio and Google Cloud Platform.

Customers creating mobile apps with Google Cloud Platform



"As we’ve grown, App Engine has scaled with us. We’ve been able to scale to many orders of magnitude without having to re-architect our systems."

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“Our customers love that we have a very predictable service. They love that we’ve never had downtime. Google App Engine has helped us accomplish this.”

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