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Discover why leaders need to upskill teams in ML, AI and data

November 4, 2022
Kate Kustermann Rivera

Global Head of Google Cloud Learning Offers

Tech companies are ramping up the search for highly skilled data analytics, AI and ML professionals, with the race to AI accelerating the crunch.1 They are looking for cloud experts  who can successfully build, test, run, and manage complex tools and infrastructure, in roles such as data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and ML engineers. This workforce takes vast amounts of data and  puts it to work solving top business challenges, including customer satisfaction, production quality and operational efficiency. 

Learn about the business impact of data analytics, ML and AI skills

Find out how Google Cloud ML, AI and data analytics training and certification can empower your team to positively impact operations in our latest IDC Business Value Paper, sponsored by Google. Key findings include:

  • 69% improvement in staff competency levels

  • 31% greater data accuracy in products developed

  • 29% greater overall employee productivity

Download the latest IDC Business Value Paper, sponsored by Google, “The Business Value of Google Cloud ML, AI, Data Analytics Training and Certification.” (#US48988122, July 2022).

Google Cloud customers prioritize ML, AI and data training to meet strategic organizational needs

Our customers are seeing the importance and impact of data analytics, AI and ML training on their teams and business operations. 

The Home Depot (THD) upskilled staff on BigQuery to derive business insights and meet customer demand, with 92% reporting that training was valuable, and 75% confirming that they used knowledge from their Google Cloud training on a weekly basis.2

THD was challenged with upskilling IT staff to extract data from the cloud in support of efficient business operations. Additionally, they were working on a very short timeline (weeks as opposed to years) to train staff to enable a multi-year cloud migration completion. This included thousands of employees and a diverse range of topics. Find out how they successfully executed this major undertaking by developing a strategic approach to their training program in this blog.

LG CNS wanted to grow cloud skills internally to provide a high level of innovation and technical expertise for their customers. They enjoyed the flexibility and ability to tailor content to meet their objectives, and have another cohort planned.3

Looking to drive digital transformation and solution delivery, LG CNS partnered with Google Cloud to develop a program that included six weeks of ML training through the Advanced Solutions Lab (ASL). Read the blog to learn more about their experience.

Gain the latest data analytics, ML and AI skills on Google Cloud Skills Boost

Discover the latest Google Cloud training in data analytics, ML and AI on Google Cloud Skills Boost. Explore the role based learning paths available today which include hands-on labs and courses. Take a look at the Data Engineer, ML Engineer, Database Engineer and Data Analyst learning paths today for you and your team to get started on your upskilling journey. 

To learn about the impact ML, AI and data analytics training can have on your business, take a look at the IDC Business Value Paper, available for download now.

1. Tech looks to analytics skills to bolster its workforce
2. THD executed a robust survey directly with associates to gauge the business gains of the training program. Over the course of two years, more than 300 associates completed the training delivered by ROI Training.
3. Google Cloud Learning services’ early involvement in the organizational stages of this training process, and agile response to LG CNS’s requirements, ensured LG CNS could add the extra week of MLOps training to their program as soon as they began the initial ASL ML course.

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