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How LG CNS is creating future AI leaders with immersive machine learning training

September 22, 2022
Yongseok Lee

Key Account Executive

As a Korean technology leader specializing in digital transformation (DX), LG CNS partners with customers to help them achieve digital growth across fields including cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, smart factory, and smart logistics. Towards the end of 2020, LG CNS was investigating how to drive digital transformation and growth within their own ranks to demonstrate and extend their core competitive advantage as a consulting service and system integration service provider. By enhancing their internal teams’ AI capabilities, they would ensure they could provide even more innovation and technical expertise for their customers’ own transformation journeys to maintain their position in the market, and continue to provide creative insights and thought leadership both within Korea and overseas.

After investigating several external training programs, LG CNS decided to partner with Google Cloud Learning Services to guarantee they received the right level of training and support to further elevate their world-class team. They recognized and respected Google’s global leadership in AI and machine learning (ML), and believed Google was the only partner that could elevate their company to a global level, in line with their already prominent position within the Korean market.  LG CNS’s employees participated in 5 weeks of machine learning and 1 week of machine learning operations (MLOps) training through the Advanced Solutions Lab (ASL) via ASL Virtual. This immersive learning program enabled participants to collaborate and learn directly from Google Cloud engineers and ML experts, without having to attend a Google campus. 

LG CNS’ participants for this transformative training program were selected based on a strict criteria. They were all considered high performers within LG CNS, and held 1-2 years practical experience in the AI/ML field. With continuous competency development and care, many will progress to become AI development leaders within the company, ensuring LG CNS can remain at the forefront of their field and collaborate with other businesses to fuel their own DX solutions.

“I hope that all trainees can grow through the Google Cloud ASL program, which has the world's best AI technology, and I look forward to taking responsibility for leading AI in each division.” — SVP of LG CNS

Google Cloud Learning services’ early involvement in the organizational stages of this training process, and agile response to LG CNS’s requirements, ensured LG CNS could add the extra week of MLOps training to their program as soon as they began the initial ASL ML course. This productive, collaborative experience demonstrated the strength and flexibility of Google Cloud Learning services, and their capacity to tailor virtual learning content to meet the needs of the specific client and their business objectives.

Following the success of this first round in 2021, LG CNS has done ASL ML/MLOps training for another cohort in 2022 to cultivate even more AI and ML expert groups. This empowers LG CNS to build even more capacity within their workforce to continue advancing and developing the most breakthrough technologies to support their customers’ own digital transformation and innovation.

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