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We spent 10,000 words on climate solutions for COP27 - time to put them in action

November 21, 2022
Chris Talbott

Cloud Sustainability

Editor's note: At Google Cloud we’re working with global organizations to help them use technology to build a more sustainable future. During the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP27, representatives from countries and organizations around the world — including Google Cloud — gathered in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from November 7 - 18, 2022 for the latest round of climate talks. Check here for perspectives from onsite, thoughts from Google experts and customers, curated content and announcements. Or catch the event for yourself on Youtube.

The COP27 agreement was signed this past weekend, highlighted by a new fund to address loss and damage caused by climate change and experienced by vulnerable communities. Touted as the implementation COP, nations are leaving the event in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt with an Implementation Plan that builds on last year’s Glasgow agreement and that expects next year’s COP28 to share results. 

When reading the summarized issues in the COP27 cover letter it’s remarkable the amount of transformational change required to achieve a low-carbon global economy, adapt to a changing climate and ensure more equitable outcomes for the nations disproportionately affected by global warming. It’s clear we have a number of gaps we need to close in order to achieve these targets, and continued ambition without action is not going to cut it. In our work with governments and corporations, we see that they’re accelerating their own transformational changes, and they’re using cloud technology to help them do that in a more sustainable way. 

This year during COP27, Google Cloud published over 10,000 words across 13 posts, bringing onsite perspectives, sharing customer best practices and highlighting technical solutions for climate change. Be sure to check out these stories, and we’ll see you next year for COP28 in the United Arab Emirates.  

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