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Google Cloud Partner Specializations expand with more than 90 new partners

July 31, 2019
Nina Harding

Global Chief of Partner Advantage Programs & Strategy, Google Cloud

At Google Cloud, partnering is a key part of how we serve our customers, so we are committed to building an ecosystem of innovation and services that can drive digital transformation for customers.

To that end, we are extremely excited about the launch of our new Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. One thing that really stands out about our partner ecosystem is how incredibly passionate and engaged our partners are with our products and solutions, and the levels of technical and differentiated business know-how that they are building. With the launch of Partner Advantage, we are growing our support for these partners and continuing to expand our Partner Specialization initiative.

Specializations allow our partners to differentiate their business to the market, build knowledge and experience in specific, high-priority product and solutions areas, like application development, machine learning or cloud migration. At Next ‘19, we announced three additional Specialization areas: Marketing Analytics, IoT and Security Training, and acknowledged several partners that achieved this highest level of designation. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the 90-plus partners that successfully achieved specializations in the first half of 2019. To achieve a specialization, these partners demonstrated compelling customer success stories, a consistent practice, and passed a rigorous capability assessment.

It’s exciting to see these partners growing their businesses with us, and even more exciting to see these partners driving real business value for our customers with Google Cloud.

New partners achieving specializations include:


Application Development: These partners can help you use the best of Google Cloud Platform to build and manage cloud-native business apps.


Cloud Migration: These partners deliver a seamless transition to Google Cloud Platform—from building the foundational architecture to the actual mechanics of migration.


Data Analytics: These partners have demonstrated success turning huge amounts of data into insights that drive your business forward.


Education: Get proven help implementing Google for Education solutions in the classroom. Whether it’s technical deployment, professional development for educators, or transformation services for school leaders, these partners can help you find creative solutions.


Work Transformation - Enterprise: These partners are fluent in deploying G Suite across large organizations and can help you streamline workflows, ensure governance, and get everyone on the same page (even when they’re not in the same room).


Infrastructure: These partners have proven success building customer infrastructure and workflows on Google Cloud Platform.


Internet of Things: These partners can help you thrive in a connected world by demonstrating the ability to connect, process, store, and analyze device data both at the edge and in the cloud to drive new business value.


Location-Based Services: These partners have a successful track record of building and managing applications using the best of Google Maps Platform and Google Cloud Platform, in both web and mobile environments.


Machine Learning: These partners can help you use Google Cloud AI and machine learning services for your own data analysis, speech and image recognition applications, and more.


Marketing Analytics: These partners help customers collect, transform, analyze, and visualize data, and then use the insights gained to optimize marketing strategy and activations.


Security: Keep your organization (and reputation) safe. These partners are experienced in securing customer data and workflows through Google Cloud Platform.


Work Transformation: These partners have demonstrated significant success deploying G Suite to SMB organizations, which includes providing services across all the project workstreams (i.e. governance, technical, people, process and support).

Explore the full list in our Google Cloud Partner Directory. And if you’re a partner interested in participating, visit Google Cloud Partner Specialization.

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