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Expanding the serverless ecosystem for Cloud Run

December 6, 2019
Manisha Verma

Partnerships Manager

Evgeniya Shumakher

Anthos Partner Engineer

Increasingly, organizations want to write applications in containers, without having to worry about provisioning, managing and scaling the underlying infrastructure. They also want to pay only for what they use. Cloud Run, which recently became generally available, makes this possible, with additional facilities like built-in logging and monitoring through Stackdriver.

Organizations also want to leverage their existing tools and workflows with Cloud Run’s native serverless capabilities, or add tools or third-party services that enhance the developer experience. This means being compatible with CI/CD tooling, third-party observability tools for monitoring the serverless stack, and integrating open source DevOps and security tools.

Building on strong partnerships with leading ISVs, we are proud to have a variety of partners that support Cloud Run, focusing on three key use cases:

  • CI/CD - Our partner ecosystem ensures that an application that is deployed on Cloud Run is supported natively in the build, test, deploy, and run stages.

  • Observability - Integrations with APM/logging or monitoring solutions ensure that they can collect telemetry and provide insights into any application that is deployed on Cloud Run.

  • Security - Our integrations ensure the security and policy enforcement of the applications deployed on Cloud Run.


Below are some of the solutions our partners have built in these areas:


  • CircleCI - A new Cloud Run orb by CircleCI helps execute a CI/CD pipeline that tests application code and automatically builds a Docker image, subsequently deploying the image as a Cloud Run service on GCP. More here.

  • Cloudbees -  Cloudbees Core can be used to deploy a serverless preview environment with GitHub and Cloud Run, allowing developers to test their changes before a PR merge and deploying to production. More here.

  • GitLab - GitLab provides templates allowing developers to easily build and deploy Knative services that can be deployed to Cloud Run. More here.

  • JFrog - Developers can build serverless functions as Docker containers using JFrog Pipelines, which pushes them into JFrog Container Registry and deploys them to Cloud Run for Anthos. More here.


  • Datadog - Datadog’s Cloud Run integration allows you to collect metrics, logs and traces from across your cluster and view these in real-time as your application scales up and down. More here.

  • Dynatrace - Dynatrace’s automated monitoring supports Cloud Run fully managed and Anthos and provides full visibility of your applications—including issues that affect performance—enabling management of operations and costs across the environment. More here

  • New Relic - The New Relic Kubernetes solution for Google Cloud on Anthos gives you infrastructure and application-centric views into your Kubernetes clusters. More here

  • Sumo Logic - Sumo Logic integrates metrics and logs for Kubernetes clusters via FluentD, FluentBit, Prometheus, Falco, and Stackdriver for GKE control plane logs. More here.


  • Octarine - Octarine takes a service mesh approach to runtime visibility and security for Kubernetes, either by leveraging Istio or by deploying a standalone, lightweight Envoy-based service mesh. More here

  • Palo Alto Networks - Using capabilities from Palo Alto subsidiary Twistlock,
    Palo Alto’s Prisma Cloud provides security for both Cloud Run fully managed as well as Cloud Run for Anthos. More here.

  • Sysdig - Sysdig’s open platform provides a DevSecOps workflow for Cloud Run that embeds security, maximizes availability and validates compliance across the serverless lifecycle. More here.

If your teams use any of these  tools, they should find it easy to adopt their workflow with Cloud Run. Over time, we hope to build broader and deeper partnerships for both Cloud Run fully managed and Cloud Run for Anthos.

We would like to thank Anil Dhawan, Product Manager, for his sustained guidance in serverless product integrations.

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