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Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud: Now generally available

September 7, 2018
Eyal Manor

General Manager/VP of Engineering, Application Modernization Platform

Whether they’re cloud-ready or modernizing their infrastructure on-premises, many businesses can benefit from a well-supported path that lets them move to the cloud on their own terms. To address this need, we announced our partnership with Cisco last October on a new open hybrid cloud platform that bridges on-premises and cloud environments. Today we’re pleased to announce that the Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud is now generally available, giving our customers more options when considering hybrid solutions.

Cisco is an ideal partner for us in this area because of its long-standing enterprise focus and expertise in networking, security, analytics, and hyperconverged infrastructure. Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud offers another way to run seamlessly on-premises and in the cloud, delivering speed and scale where customers need it most. Applications in the cloud can take advantage of on-premises capabilities including existing IT systems, and applications on-premises can take advantage of new cloud capabilities—without the need for a complete shift to the public cloud.

This fully-integrated solution lets developers leverage enterprise-grade capabilities from Google Cloud like managed Kubernetes, GCP Service Catalog, Cisco networking and security, and Istio authentication and service mesh monitoring. And Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) will provide customers with a single source of support. It extends Cisco’s network and security policies and configurations, and monitors application behavior across hybrid cloud environments.

Here’s more on what businesses can do:

  • Accelerate on-prem app modernization using a Kubernetes-based container strategy that’s consistent with cloud-native technology, including GKE. Cisco will provide a turnkey solution that is cloud-ready for Kubernetes and containers, as well as management tools to enforce security and consumption policies.

  • Ease services management. Istio’s open-source, container- and microservice-optimized technology offers developers a uniform way to connect, secure, manage and monitor microservices across clouds through service-to-service level mTLS access control. As a result, they can easily implement new, portable services and configure and manage those services centrally.

  • Quickly and more securely connect on-prem workloads to the cloud. API management through Apigee enables legacy workloads running on-prem to connect to the cloud through APIs.  With Apigee, enterprises can expose legacy, on prem services as secure APIs to developers who can then easily incorporate these services into their modern application.

  • Take advantage of integrated security and support. Customers can extend their existing Cisco security policies and monitoring to the cloud and be assured of joint coordinated technical support from Cisco and Google Cloud.

Telindus, an integrator, telco, and cloud service provider, took part in our Early Access Program and has used Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud to deploy container-based solutions in environments were security is key. The Hybrid Cloud Platform has allowed for integrated deployment and container workload management across public and private clouds in a truly hybrid manner—which is a key requirement for highly-regulated and security-sensitive industries.

Says Dr. Thomas Scherer, Chief Architect at Telindus SA, “The Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud provides a turnkey solution for a cloud-native, on-premises experience, and can be easily scaled to the public cloud, leveraging services such as Google Kubernetes Engine and BigQuery.” You can read more from Cisco on the Telindus deployment on their blog.

We hope Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud makes it possible for more businesses to move to the cloud at a pace that works for them, all while maximizing their on-prem investments and avoiding lock-in. We’re also teaming up with Cisco on the Cisco and Google Cloud challenge, offering prizes to organizations that rethink how their on-premises and cloud applications interact.

To learn more about Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud, visit our website.

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