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Operate more efficiently and reduce your costs with the cloud

May 26, 2020
Hamidou Dia

VP, Solutions Engineering, Google Cloud

Organizations everywhere are calibrating against a new, challenging business landscape, and we want to help you reduce costs and solve for operational efficiency with cloud technology.  Please join our Solving Together Digital Conference (sessions starting today and available on demand) to hear best practices in navigating these challenges. Leaders are finding they need to make tough decisions about what projects to prioritize and how to allocate resources. Cloud technologies are playing an increasingly central role in supporting businesses as they focus on prioritization and operational efficiency.

At Google Cloud, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes take advantage of the cloud to do everything from enabling entire workforces to embrace remote work, to moving on-premises environments to the cloud for scalability, to decreasing infrastructure overhead and costs through reduced on-prem hardware footprints. For example, we’ve designed a managed service that can quickly migrate applications running on VMware to Google Cloud which can reduce a VMware environment total cost of ownership by as much as 30% over on-premises costs. We’ve also developed approaches to migrating systems of record like SAP to the cloud with a 46% lower three-year cost of operations1. Data is another place where the cloud can help organizations be more efficient and drive meaningful cost savings, and businesses that switch to our data warehousing solution, BigQuery, can reduce their overall three-year costs by 52% when compared to on-premises.

Our Solving Together Digital Conference kicking off May 27 shares learnings and solutions we’ve found to be the most helpful—whether organizations are recovering, adjusting, or building for the future. The conference will feature a keynote from Chris Ciauri, Google Cloud’s Vice President, EMEA, as well as more than 20 individual sessions focused on five common challenge areas, from operational efficiency, to business continuity, to remote work. Specific sessions include:

  • Improving operational efficiency with infrastructure—The cloud provides a real opportunity for IT cost reduction while improving your ability to operate. This session walks you through how moving to Google Cloud can impact cost and operational efficiency in several infrastructure migration scenarios. Learn more

  • Run data analytics without busting your IT budget—Analytics teams are looking to increase agility, efficiency, scalability, while reducing TCO. This session shows you how modernizing your data warehouse with BigQuery can provide these benefits and more, and help you run analytics without breaking the bank. Learn more.

  • A path to more predictable cloud costs—Understanding and implementing cost optimization principles is a key part of running successful cloud infrastructure. Join this session to learn processes and best practices you can put in place to reduce costs while at the same time increasing capabilities. Learn more.

  • Serving customers efficiently with Contact Center AI—Google AI can help transform the contact center experience, creating high-quality customer experiences at minimal cost. This session discusses how Contact Center AI applies advanced speech and language understanding models and shows you how you can get to production quickly. Learn more.

The Solving Together Digital Conference is available live and on demand starting May 27. Register today for free with your Google account and watch these sessions by visiting the conference website.

1. IDC research, June 2020
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