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11 best practices for operational efficiency and cost reduction with Google Cloud

July 1, 2020
Robert Cocks

Head of Solutions Engineering Center of Excellence

As businesses consider the road ahead, many are finding they need to make tough decisions about what projects to prioritize and how to allocate resources. For many, the impact of COVID-19 has brought the benefits and limitations of their IT environment into focus. As these businesses plan their way forward, many will need to consider how to meet the needs of their new business realities with limited resources.

This is a challenge ideally suited for IT—particularly any  business overly reliant on legacy infrastructure. A recent McKinsey study found that these legacy systems account for 74% of a company’s IT spend while hampering agility at the same time. Making fundamental IT changes like migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud can reduce costs, increase agility, and pay ROI dividends down the line.

All of this is covered in our new eGuide, Solving for operational efficiency with Google Cloud. While modernization will look different for businesses of varying sizes and in varying industries, the benefits of moving to the cloud are broad and universal. These include:

  • Increasing agility and reducing IT costs by adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

  • Driving a higher return on ERP investments by migrating SAP systems to the cloud.

  • Avoiding costly hardware refreshes and reducing on-premises infrastructure costs by migrating VMs to the cloud.

  • Increasing scalability and gaining access to advanced analytics through data warehouse modernization.

  • Make cluster management easier and more cost-effective by migrating on-premises Apache Hadoop clusters to the cloud.

  • Gaining cost efficiencies by running specialized workloads in the cloud with a scalable Bare Metal Solution.

  • Increasing flexibility and decreasing on-premises investments by migrating Windows workloads to the cloud.

  • Embrace a modern architecture for scalability and cost efficiencies by offloading a mainframe environment.

  • Leveraging AI to rapidly respond to customer needs and improve customer experience.

  • Gaining more visibility and control to lower costs with billing and cost management tools.

  • Improving productivity by transforming the way teams work together with cloud-native collaboration tools.

With current business conditions, organizations need facts, knowledge, and best practices so they can prioritize investments and optimize costs. Our eGuide provides an overview of the key areas we see our customers prioritizing their investments and creating operational efficiencies, and highlights the many ways Google Cloud can support you in your journey. Read the eGuide. If you want more customized recommendations, take advantage of our IT Cost Assessment program which will analyze your individual IT spend against industry benchmark data and provide you with a view of cost optimization opportunities. Learn more here.

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