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Introducing Cloud Billing Catalog API: GCP pricing in real time

February 27, 2018
Rachna Vargiya

Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform Billing

As your organization uses more cloud resources, effective pricing and cost management are critical. We are delighted to announce the general availability of the Cloud Billing Catalog API, which helps you gain programmatic, real-time access to authoritative Google Cloud Platform (GCP) list pricing.

The Cloud Billing Catalog API joins the Google Cloud Billing API to help you manage your billing experience. The Cloud Billing Catalog API offers programmatic access to the rich information you see for GCP SKUs on our website.


Now, with the Cloud Billing Catalog API, you can predict bills, estimate costs and reconcile rates when you're using list GCP pricing. It provides you with a list of all GCP services. In addition, it contains a list of all SKUs within a service including:

  • A human-readable description of the SKU 
  • List pricing for the SKU 
  • Regions where the SKU is available for purchase
  • Categorization data about the SKU 
You can use the Cloud Billing Catalog API with your existing cost management tools, as well as to reconcile list pricing rates when you export billing data to Google BigQuery.

Both the Cloud Billing and Cloud Billing Catalog APIs are available via REST and RPC. To find out more and get started, visit the Cloud Billing Catalog API documentation.

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