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What's the latest with Actifio GO backup and disaster recovery?

August 19, 2021
Jason Brown

Product Marketing Manager, Infrastructure Modernization

As customers adopt public cloud platforms, they expect a consistent operational capability for protecting workloads in the cloud and on-premises. In December 2020, Google acquired Actifio to address this critical requirement and Actifio GO is now available on the Google marketplace. Actifio GO delivers a backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) service for a broad range of applications running in GCP and on-premises.  

Actifio GO was purpose-built for efficient management of data at scale, including capabilities around:

  • Instant access to any point-in-time copy of data for low RTO, resulting in higher business availability. This capability is also widely used to rapidly recover business to an operational state from ransomware attacks and other situations warranting a recovery. 

  • Efficient data management at scale with incremental-forever data capture that reduces impact to production applications; minimizes overall compute, storage and network resources required to process and manage data and allows for managing large, highly available business-critical applications and large volumes of data within tight backup windows. 

  • Lower cost at cloud scale storage with technology that uses Google Cloud Storage as first-class storage for backup and DR. This technology combines the speed and interface familiarity of block storage with the cloud scale and lower cost of object storage. 

  • Central, policy-based protection, tiering, and retention of data along with one-click disaster recovery orchestration to support compliance with internal requirements and external regulations.

Actifio GO will evolve to support protection of additional Google Cloud native services such as CloudSQL, GKE and others, ensuring that users have a single solution delivering seamless experience of protecting all their workloads and services in Google Cloud. The most recent release of Actifio GO, launched in July 2021, adds the following:

  • Enhanced DR orchestration: Actifio GO DR orchestration now includes recovery of all supported databases into Google Compute Engine from performance block storage pools and from object storage pools in Google Cloud Storage. These databases include Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. This enhancement enables customers to automate failover recovery, reducing errors and reducing RTO. 

  • Expanded support matrix: support for new OS and hypervisor versions, including RHEL/CentOS/OEL 7.9 & 8.3, SLES 15 SP2, and vSphere & VSAN 7.0 U1.

  • Identity & Access Management with AD/LDAP: Customers can integrate Actifio GO with their LDAP/AD servers for authentication and access control.

To learn more, visit the Actifio GO page in the Google Cloud Marketplace or contact your Google Cloud rep.

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