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Introducing the Advanced Networking Demo video series

April 25, 2023
Ammett Williams

Developer Relations Engineer

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Networking can be complex, and we acknowledge that. To help, Google Cloud’s Developer Relations and Networking teams have kicked off a new video series to assist with complex networking topics.

Introducing the Advanced Networking Demo series

The advanced networking demo series will:

  • Identify and describe specific scenarios to add some context on the topic.

  • Highlight specific user requirements, and suggest various components and services as shown in a visual diagram.

  • Demonstrate configurations of the solution in a hands-on demo.

Now that we have an idea of what to expect let’s look at the first two videos.

Video # 1 - Cloud DNS, Multi Cloud with private DNS, AWS and Google Cloud

This video looks at what happens when a customer expands their cloud footprint beyond a single cloud provider. This focuses on the important need to establish private network infrastructure between the various cloud providers.

One of the key aspects of the private network infrastructure is the need for private DNS endpoint resolution between the cloud providers. The reason for this is that applications deployed on one cloud provider will need access to private endpoints hosted on the other cloud providers, DNS private hosted zone and vice versa.

In this demo we will be covering a multi cloud private DNS customer scenario between Google Cloud and AWS. At a high level, we will learn how to set up inbound and outbound DNS resolution using the respective cloud provider's DNS offerings.

The architecture will look like this:

Inbound Forwarding
Outbound Forwarding

Video: Cloud DNS demo, Multi Cloud private DNS between AWS and Google Cloud


Video # 2 - Private Service Connect for GKE multi-tenant clusters

This video helps you to understand what is a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) multi-tenant cluster and how we can expose a service on this cluster to On-Prem or Hybrid Users. This example ensures this is achieved without any route leaks and security vulnerabilities if one of the customers in one namespace had to expose a service to their on-prem environment and vice versa.

In this demo we will take a common GKE multi tenant cluster scenario, examine sample customer requirements and walkthrough a solution demo using Private Service Connect.

The architecture will look like this.


Video: Private Service Connect (PSC) for GKE multi-tenant clusters demo


More networking resources

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