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Advanced Networking Demo videos — Cross-Cloud Interconnect edition

August 9, 2023
Ammett Williams

Developer Relations Engineer

Earlier this year we announced the advanced networking demo series. In this blog we will showcase two recent videos that were added to the playlist and what you can expect to learn from them.

Advanced Networking Demo series: Cloud Interconnect

The new videos both touch on the topic of Cloud Interconnect, which allows you to provision high-speed stable links between on-premises and Google Cloud environments. 

Cloud Interconnect initially consisted of Dedicated and Partner Interconnects. Then, in May 2023, we  announced an additional member to the family: Cross-Cloud Interconnect. With Cross-Cloud Interconnect, you can establish high-bandwidth direct links between Google Cloud and other cloud providers.

The advanced networking playlist was updated with two videos on the topics, let’s check out what those videos are about.

# 1 Cloud Interconnect - Cross-Cloud Interconnect Demo Google Cloud and Azure

In this video, a diverse team of experts gives you a wide overview of the Cloud Interconnect product. The opening section covers the overall purpose and scope of Cloud Interconnect, and the scale of Google’s global backbone. The second section introduces you to the Cross-Cloud Interconnect offering and talks about its capabilities and enhancements.


In the final section, there’s a hands-on configuration demo that walks you through how to set up a Cross-Cloud Interconnect link between Google Cloud and Azure.


Video: Cloud Interconnect - Cross-Cloud Interconnect Demo Google Cloud and Azure

# 2 - Google Cross-Cloud Interconnect demo Ⅱ

This video offers another focused look at Cross-Cloud Interconnect. The opening section is presented by a developer advocate, providing a quick recap and an overview of the Cross-Cloud interconnect service. Then, the second section is presented by a networking specialist and focuses on console configuration, walking you through the steps to provision a Cross-Cloud Interconnect 10GB link between Google Cloud and AWS.


Video: Google Cross-Cloud Interconnect demo 2 - Google Cloud and AWS

What’s next?

Subscribe to the Google Cloud Tech YouTube channel to get updates on all our awesome content. Check out and bookmark the Advanced Networking demo series playlist as new videos will be uploaded in the future.

To learn more about configuring Cross-Cloud Interconnect, check out the documentation on the setup process.  Want to ask a question, find out more or share a thought? Please connect with me on Linkedin.

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