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Introducing Open Saves: Open-source cloud-native storage for games

April 29, 2021
Emma Haruka Iwao

Developer Advocate

Rob Martin

Chief Architect, Google Cloud for Games

Many of today’s games are rich, immersive worlds that engage the audience in ways that make a gamer a part of a continuing storyline. To create these persistent experiences, numerous storage technologies are required to ensure game data can scale to the standards of gamers’ demands. Not only do game developers need to store different types of data—such as saves, inventory, patches, replays, and more—but they also must keep the storage system high-performing, available, scalable, and cost-effective.

Enter Open Saves, a brand-new, purpose-built single interface for multiple storage back ends that’s powered by Google Cloud and developed in partnership with 2K. Now, development teams can store game data without having to make the technical decisions on which storage solution to use, whether that’s Cloud Storage, Memorystore, or Firestore

“Open Saves demonstrates our commitment to partnering with top developers on gaming solutions that require a combination of deep industry expertise and Google scale," said Joe Garfola, Vice President of IT and Security at 2K. "We look forward to continued collaboration with Google Cloud.”

Game development teams can save game data against Open Saves without having to worry about the optimal back-end storage solution, while operations teams can focus on needed scalability and storage options. Here’s how it looks in practice:


With Open Saves, game developers can run a cloud-native game storage system that is:

  • Simple: Open Saves provides a unified, well-defined gRPC endpoint for all operations for metadata, structured, and unstructured objects.

  • Fast: With a built-in caching system, Open Saves optimizes data placements based on access frequency and data size, all to achieve both low latency for smaller binary objects and high throughput for big objects.

  • Scalable: The Open Saves API server can run on either Google Kubernetes Engine or Cloud Run. Both platforms can scale out to handle hundreds of thousands of requests per second. Open Saves also stores data in Firestore and Cloud Storage, and can handle hundreds of gigabytes of data and up to millions of requests per second.

Open Saves is designed with extensibility in mind, and can be integrated into any game—whether mobile or console, multiplayer or single player—running on any infrastructure, from on-prem to cloud or a hybrid. The server is written in Go, but you can use many programming languages and connect from client or server since the API is defined in gRPC.

Writing to and reading from Open Saves is as simple as the following code:


We are actively developing Open Saves in partnership with 2K Games, and would love for you to come join us on GitHub. There are a few ways to get involved:

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