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Google Cloud Launcher simplifies running third party apps in the cloud

March 21, 2016
Anil Dhawan

Product Manager, Google Cloud Launcher

The promise of technical agility is driving huge interest in public cloud from developers and businesses of all sizes. Inside this growing ecosystem, software marketplaces have emerged to further reduce the time to find, integrate and launch a solution. Today it’s possible to discover and launch an app in minutes.

The productivity gains that come with this are amazing, but there's also a downside: deep challenges with operations and support. Static image-based solutions tend to decay over time and without a clear path to update and manage, organizations end up running "dead software." That is, software with drifting configuration, stale images and low overall supportability.

Today we're announcing a sweeping update to our Cloud Launcher marketplace. We’ve created a place where developers can go to find complete solutions with unprecedented levels of supportability and connectivity to the publisher.

Here are the latest updates:

  • Solutions are no more than a few clicks away. You can already access Cloud Launcher from within the Developers Console and we’ve now improved organization and search to make it even easier to find the solutions you need.
  • Find the right configuration and specs for a solution more easily. Every solution now features a customized set of pre-configuration options as well as ready-to-use defaults, enabling you to get started more easily.
  • Launcher solutions now use Google Cloud Deployment Manager, providing a complete view of all configuration aspects of your deployment in the Deployment Manager UI. Every solution’s unique template can now be downloaded and modified so you can compose them with other Google Cloud Platform, third party, or private templates, enabling you to create even more sophisticated solutions.
  • Production-grade solutions. More open source and commercial solutions now support both multi-VM and multi-resource deployments, ensuring the scale and reliability you require for production applications.
  • Receive automatic security notices for deployed solutions. You will now be automatically notified when a security update is available for one of your Cloud Launcher solutions, making it easier to stay secure.
  • Direct access to partner support. If you need help, you can now contact partner support directly through Cloud Launcher. We also provide a mechanism for partners to verify that inbound support requests are from verified buyers, ensuring that you get a timely response.

Deployment Manager can now be used to manage Cloud Launcher solutions.
Deploy powerful configurations using smart defaults, or modify using a simple wizard.

We’re always adding new solutions and services to the catalog to help you stay productive. So, the next time you’re looking for a popular pre-built solution you can trust, start with Cloud Launcher.

Launch on!

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