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All about cables: A guide to posts on our infrastructure under the sea

June 11, 2021
The Google Cloud content marketing team

From data centers and cloud regions to subsea cables, Google is committed to connecting the world. Our investments in infrastructure aim to further improve our network—one of the world’s largest—which helps improve global connectivity, supporting  users and Google Cloud customers. Our subsea cables play a starring role in this work, linking up cloud infrastructure that includes more than 100 network edge locations and over 7,500 edge caching nodes

As it turns out, readers of this blog seem to find what happens under the sea just as fascinating as what’s going on in the cloud. Posts on our cables are consistently among our most popular, which is why we brought them together for you here so you can take a deeper dive (pun intended).

Here’s a list our most popular posts on our underwater infrastructure:







Our cable systems provide the speed, capacity and reliability Google is known for worldwide, and at Google Cloud, our customers can make use of the same network infrastructure that powers Google’s own services. To learn more, you can view our network on a map, or read more about our network.

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