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White paper: Lift and shift to Google Cloud Platform

January 9, 2018
Bryan Nairn

Product Marketing Manager

Today we're announcing the availability of a new white paper entitled “How to Lift-and-Shift a Line of Business Application onto Google Cloud Platform.” This is the first in a series of four white papers focused on application migration and modernization. Stay tuned to the GCP blog as we release the next installments in the coming weeks.

The “Lift-and-Shift” white paper walks you through migrating a Microsoft Windows-based, two-tier, expense reporting, web-application that currently resides on-premises, in your data center. The white paper provides background information, and a three-phased project methodology, as well as pointers to application code on github. You'll be able to replicate the scenario on-premises, and walk through migrating your application to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The phased project includes implementation of initial GCP resources, including GCP networking, a site-to-site VPN and virtual machines (VMs), as well as setting up Microsoft SQL Server availability groups, and configuring Microsoft Active Directory (AD) replication in your new hybrid environment.

Want to learn more about how to lift and shift your own application by reading through (or following the same steps) in the white paper? If you're ready to get started, you can download your copy of the white paper and start your migration today.

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