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Google Cloud Platform now open in London

July 13, 2017
Dave Stiver

Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform

Starting today, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers can use the new region in London (europe-west2) to run applications and store data in London. London is our tenth region and joins our existing European region in Belgium. Future European regions include Frankfurt, the Netherlands and Finland.


Incredible user experiences hinge on performant infrastructure. GCP customers throughout the British Isles and Western Europe will see significant reductions in latency when they run their workloads in the London region. In cities like London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Amsterdam, our performance testing shows 40%-82% reductions in round-trip time latency when serving customers from London compared with the Belgium region.

We’ve launched London with three zones and the following services:


The London region puts the control over how to deploy resources directly in the hands of GCP customers — giving them choice in some GCP services on where to run their applications and store their data. When a customer signs up for GCP services, they have three different options, depending on the service:

  1. Regional: Run applications and store data in a specific region, e.g., London, Tokyo, Iowa, etc.
  2. Multi-regional: Distribute applications and storage across two or more cloud regions on a given continent, e.g., Americas, Asia or Europe.
  3. Global: Distribute applications and store data globally across our entire global network for optimal performance and redundancy.
In addition, we've worked diligently over the last decade to help customers directly address EU data protection requirements. Most recently, Google announced a commitment to GDPR compliance across GCP. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect on May 25, 2018, is the most significant piece of European privacy legislation in the last 20 years.

Google’s decision to choose London for its latest Google Cloud Region is another vote of confidence in our world-leading digital economy and proof Britain is open for business. It's great, but not surprising, to hear they've picked the UK because of the huge demand for this type of service from the nation's firms. Earlier this week the Digital Evolution Index named us among the most innovative digital countries in the world and there has been a record £5.6bn investment in tech in London in the past six months.

— Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport


At WP Engine, we look forward to extending our digital experience platform to an even broader set of our 10,000 European customers who want to be hosted on Google Cloud Platform based in the London region. We are excited about bringing reduced latency benefits from the ability to store and process data in London to our UK customers.

— Jason Cohen, Founder and CTO


The Telegraph benefits greatly from Google Cloud’s global scale and is pleased to see continued investment from Google Cloud in the UK. We look forward to working with them closely as they expand their business in the UK and Europe.

— Toby Wright, CTO, The Telegraph


Google Cloud enables Revolut to try new ideas and stay agile while providing secure, reliable services for our customers at scale.

— Vladyslav Yatsenko, Co-founder & CTO, Revolut


For the latest on the terms of availability for services from this new region as well as additional regions and services, visit our London region page or locations page. For guidance on how to build and create highly available applications, take a look at our zones and regions page. Give us a shout to request early access to new regions and help us prioritize what we build next.

We’re excited to see what you’ll build on top of the new London region!

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