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Memorystore adds version support for Redis 7.0

August 10, 2023
Matt Geerling

Product Manager

Chris Mague

Customer Engineer, Data Management, West Coast

Memorystore is a fully managed caching service that supports the open-source in-memory databases Redis and Memcached. Memorystore makes it easy for applications built on Google Cloud to leverage in-memory data stores based on open-source Redis and Memcached. With a single click, Memorystore for Redis offers a highly available, zonally redundant Redis instance with automatic fast failover. 

As more users depend on Memorystore, it is important for Memorystore to support the latest open-source software versions. Today, we’re excited to announce that Memorystore now supports Redis 7.0, which brings the following features and improvements: 

  1. Introduction of Redis Functions 

  2. Improved in-transit encryption (TLS) performance 

You can now create new Redis instances for Memorystore with the Redis 7.0 version. You can also upgrade your Memorystore instances to Redis 7.0 by following these instructions. As always, we suggest reviewing the version release notes to ensure that there are no breaking changes before performing an upgrade of your existing instance. Redis 7.0 on Memorystore is generally available.  

What’s new in Redis 7.0 on Memorystore

Redis Functions 

Redis Functions was introduced in version 7.0 as an evolutionary successor for Lua scripting via the EVAL command. Functions enable the scripting logic to be stored in Memorystore rather than requiring application developers to resend script logic with every EVAL command. This new design provides benefits such as 

  • reduced networking bandwidth overhead from continuously sending script logic

  • removing the need for all client applications to maintain a copy of all scripts

  • simplified troubleshooting of errant scripts. 

You can learn more about Redis Functions in the official documentation.

Improved in-transit encryption performance

We’ve also further optimized in-transit encryption performance for all Redis 7.0 instances. Memorystore for Redis 7.0 in-transit encryption delivers up to 5x the throughput and 85% lower latency when compared to prior versions on the service. In addition, instances using in-transit encryption and Redis 7.0 are now able to support a maximum connection limit of 65,000 for all instance capacity tiers. Instances using in-transit encryption on older Redis versions are still subject to lower maximum connection limits. We strongly recommend that existing Memorystore in-transit encryption users upgrade their instances to Redis 7.0 to realize these significant performance improvements at no additional cost. 

Next steps 

We are thrilled to offer support for Redis 7.0 and will continue to add support for the latest Redis version releases. For more information on how to upgrade your instance, just see the documentation. We also recommend reviewing our best practices which can be found here.

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