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Manhattan Associates transforms supply chain IT with Google Cloud SQL

August 4, 2022
Sanjeev Siotia

SVP and CTO, Manhattan Associates

Editor’s note: Manhattan Associates provides transformative, modern supply chain and omnichannel commerce solutions. It enhanced the scalability, availability, and reliability of its software-as-a-service through a seamless migration to Google Cloud SQL for MySQL.

Geopolitical shifts and global pandemics have made the global supply chain increasingly unpredictable and complex.

At Manhattan Associates, we help many of the world’s leading organizations navigate that complexity through industry-leading supply chain commerce solutions like warehouse management, transportation management, order management, point of sale and much more, to continuously exceed increasing expectations.

The foundation for those solutions is Manhattan Active® Platform, a cloud-native, API-first microservices technology platform that’s been engineered to handle the most complex supply chain networks in the world and designed to never feel like it.

Manhattan Active solutions enable our clients to deliver exceptional shopping experiences in the store, online, and everywhere in between. They unify warehouse, automation, labor and transportation activities, bolster resilience, and seamlessly support growing sustainability requirements.

More Resiliency and Less Downtime

Manhattan Active solutions run 24x7 and need a database solution that can support this. Cloud SQL for MySQL helps us meet our availability goals with automatic failovers, automatic backups, point-in-time recovery, binary log management, and more. Cloud SQL also allows us to create in-region and cross-region replicas efficiently with near zero replication lags. We can create a new replica for a TB size DB in under 30 minutes, a process which used to take several days.

We provide a 99.9% overall up-time service level agreement (SLA) for Manhattan Active Platform, and Cloud SQL helps us keep that promise. Unplanned downtime is 83% less than it would have been with our previous database solutions.

Flexibility and Total Cost of Ownership

One of the fundamental requirements in a cloud-native platform like Manhattan Active is a robust, efficient, and cost-effective database. Our original database solutions struggled across different cloud platforms and created challenges in total cost of ownership and licensing.

We needed a more cost-efficient approach to managing a highly reliable and available database engine that could operate as a managed service, and Cloud SQL delivered.

We were able to move every Manhattan Active solution from our previous cloud vendor to Google Cloud, including the shift to Cloud SQL, with less than four hours of downtime.

Today, we run hundreds of Cloud SQL instances and operate most of them with just a few database administrators (DBA). By offloading the majority of our database management tasks to Cloud SQL, we significantly reduced the cost to maintain Manhattan Active Platform databases.

We also need a solution where we resize our database within minutes. This requirement is needed to manage database performance and infrastructure costs. The ease of resizing our database within minutes allows us to keep the optimal performance levels and saves significantly on overall infrastructure costs.

A Winning Innovation Combination

Cloud SQL provides highly scalable, available, and reliable database capabilities within Manhattan Active Platform, which helps us provide significantly better outcomes for our clients and better experiences for their customers.

Learn more about how you can use Cloud SQL at your organization. Get started today.

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