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Helping marketers access data warehousing with Supermetrics Storage

June 6, 2024
Tea Korpi

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Supermetrics

Tom Cannon

Head of Built with BigQuery, Google Cloud

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Editor’s note: The post is part of a series showcasing ISVs and data providers that are Built with BigQuery.

One of the things customers love about Supermetrics is the wide variety of supported destinations. From Google Sheets and Excel to enterprise data warehouses like Google BigQuery, there’s more choice on where to store and analyze data depending on the marketing team’s requirements and complexity. 

As companies build their business and audience, eventually, a data warehouse becomes the ideal solution for reducing complexity, ensuring scalability, and enabling fast reporting and analysis. While upgrading to a data warehouse should be an exciting step, as it’s a significant milestone in business growth, many marketing teams don’t have the resources needed to move to, build, or maintain their own fully functioning data warehouse.

Thankfully, marketing teams can now use Supermetrics Storage to centralize cross-channel data in BigQuery without prior technical expertise.

The key elements of a marketing data warehouse

A fully functioning data warehouse should ensure 4 core functions:

  • Quality data: Data warehouses rely on clean, accurate data. You need proper in-house expertise to ensure the data is cleansed, transformed, and integrated with other business data and tools.

  • Security: Data warehouses store sensitive information. You must have a strong understanding of security best practices and ensure your data warehouse isn't prone to breaches and leaks.

  • Maintainability: It’s important to proactively avoid performance issues and possible downtime. To do this, you need in-house knowledge to maintain your data warehouse and identify and fix problems as they occur.

  • Scalability: As your business grows, your data warehouse will need to scale with you. You need the technical expertise to expand the data warehouse to meet your increasing demands.

Identifying these requirements is the easy part. Marketing teams often lack the technical resources to put them into action, which can make building and maintaining a data warehouse a challenge. In these situations, Supermetrics Storage is a great alternative to building your own marketing data warehouse — helping you avoid the time, cost, and new technical hires needed for set up and maintenance.

Helping marketers centralize and analyze data

Supermetrics Storage is built with BigQuery, giving non-technical marketers a faster, more efficient way to access marketing data — all in one central location. The solution is completely opt-in, allowing you to choose which data is stored and from what sources. 

Supermetrics Storage helps you:

  • Take ownership of your marketing data

  • Create a single source of truth

  • Speed up report loading time

  • Access data at any time without worrying about third-party API outages

  • Collect historical data and create year-over-year comparison reports or enable future advanced analytics projects, such as marketing mix modeling


With all your marketing data stored centrally in Supermetrics Storage on BigQuery, you can access your data whenever you need to, and speed up analytics and reporting.

What users are saying about Supermetrics Storage

“Setting up our own data warehouse wasn't an option for us – we just don’t have the internal expertise. With Supermetrics Storage, we could start storing our marketing data right away without any hassle. It’s incredibly user-friendly, saving us loads of time and resources” - Head of Performance at a marketing agency that uses Supermetrics for their client reporting.

“Supermetrics Storage gives us control over our data. We can choose which data sources to connect and what information to store. We can use the encrypted direct connections for added security for sensitive client data and storage for marketing performance data. It’s a flexible and secure solution that puts us in charge.” - Director of Digital at a media agency that uses Supermetrics to measure the campaign performance.

Built with BigQuery for speed, scale, and security

Early collaboration with Google made it possible for Supermetrics to build a scalable and secure storage solution for customers while optimizing operations. Now, Supermetrics customers have:

  • Faster setup time: Existing integration between Supermetrics, Looker Studio, and BigQuery allows you to centralize and store data without setting up your own data warehouse.

  • Security and control: BigQuery’s permission model (Identity and Access Management or IAM) and service account allow Supermetrics to grant users access to the data they need. This approach ensures data privacy and security while offering robust data recovery options. If you accidentally delete important data, Supermetrics can use BigQuery's built-in data auditing and data lineage features to trace the history of data access and modifications, to potentially restore lost data.

  • Improved reporting efficiency: With data stored in BigQuery, it’s faster to pull into Looker Studio or Google Sheets for reporting, rather than pulling it directly from various sources.

How Supermetrics Storage works

  1. Supermetrics initiates the workflow: Supermetrics first grants you access via an internal form.

  2. Automated workflow with Terraform: The workflow validates everything is in order, before executing a Terraform script. This creates the necessary resources (like BigQuery datasets) specifically for you.

  3. Integration configuration: Once the resources are created, the workflow sends a request to Supermetrics API, and a new integration is configured between Supermetrics and BigQuery.  

  4. Customer access: After configuration, you can now see the storage in your account and start transferring data from any platform through Supermetrics connectors.

  5. Data visualization: After transfers, you can now report on the data using tools like Looker Studio and Google Sheets with significantly faster report loading times.


Get started

Supermetrics Storage was designed with marketers in mind. It reduces the need for technical skills and knowledge to set up a data warehouse, allowing you to focus on building impactful reports—using accessible, centralized, and secure data. You can purchase Supermetrics Storage easily via Google Cloud Marketplace, get started by booking a demo today.

The ‘Built with BigQuery’ advantage for ISVs and data providers

Built with BigQuery helps companies like Supermetrics build innovative applications with Google Data Cloud. Participating companies can: 

  • Accelerate product design and architecture through access to designated experts who can provide insight into key use cases, architectural patterns, and best practices. 

  • Amplify success with joint marketing programs to drive awareness, generate demand, and increase adoption. 

BigQuery gives ISVs the advantage of a powerful, highly scalable unified AI lakehouse that’s integrated with Google Cloud’s open, secure, sustainable platform. To find how to harness the full potential of your data to drive innovation, learn more about Built with BigQuery.

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