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Getting started with Looker Studio Pro

December 6, 2022
Graham Kaplan

Product Manager, Google Cloud

Aqsa Fulara

Product Manager, Google Cloud

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Today, millions of users turn to Looker Studio for self-serve business intelligence (BI) to explore data, answer business questions, build visualizations and share insights in beautiful dashboards with others. Recently, we introduced enterprise capabilities, including the options to manage team content and gain access to enterprise support, with Looker Studio Pro.

Looker Studio Pro is designed to support medium and large scale enterprise environments, delivering team-level collaboration and sharing, while honoring corporate security and document management policies – all at a low price per user.

Looker Studio Pro empowers teams to work together on content, without worrying about visibility and manageability issues that can arise with self-serve BI. So, the next time you want to onboard a new hire and give them access to fifty BI reports at once, or want to know the downstream impact of deleting a BigQuery table on your reports, or get admin permissions to all reports in your organization, Looker Studio Pro enables you to do so in a matter of minutes. You also no longer need to go through ownership transfers every time an employee leaves the organization, since all assets are owned by the organization. Plus, Google Cloud’s support and service level agreements ensure you have the help you need available when you need it. 

Let's take a deeper dive into the benefits of Looker Studio Pro:

Bulk manage access to all content in Looker Studio

Team workspaces enable team collaboration in a shared space. Team workspaces provide new roles for granular permissions to manage content and manage members inside a team workspace.


A team workspace can be shared with individuals or Google Groups by adding members and assigning roles to the members of a team workspace. When you create new content in a team workspace or move existing content into a team workspace, all the members of that team workspace get access to that content.

The specific permissions provided depend on which role a user is granted, including Manager, Content Manager or Contributor. For a full list of detailed permissions aligned with each role, see our help center.

Additionally, with Looker Studio Pro, if employees leave the company, you no longer need to transfer ownership for assets they create. The organization owns content created in Looker Studio Pro, managed through the Google Cloud Platform project by default.


Get visibility across the organization 

You can now link a Google Cloud project to Looker Studio, so everything that people in your organization create is in one place that you control. 

Grant administrators permission to view or modify all assets in your organization using Identity and Access Management (IAM) — meaning no more orphaned reports or access headaches.


We are also working to bring Looker Studio content into Dataplex, so you can understand your company’s full data landscape in one place – including seeing how Looker Studio reports are linked to BigQuery tables. With Dataplex, you can better understand how Looker Studio and BigQuery connect, run impact analysis and see how data is transformed before it is used in reports. Integration with Looker Studio and Dataplex is currently in private preview, so reach out to your account team to learn more.


With these new integrations, we are making all the tools you need work better together, so you can realize the full value of your data cloud investments. 


Looker Studio Pro customers receive support through existing Google Cloud Customer Care channels so you can rely on Looker Studio Pro for business-critical reporting. 

Getting started and next steps

If you are already a Google Cloud Platform customer, speak to your account team to sign up and get access today. Otherwise, complete this form to be notified when you can sign up for Looker Studio Pro.

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