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What you can do to protect your software supply chain today

February 21, 2023
Ning Ge

Product Marketing Manager, Developer Tooling

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“What are things we can do today to protect our software supply chains?” This is one of the top questions our team often gets when talking to IT leaders and practitioners about protecting their software supply chains – the code, people, systems, and processes that contribute to development and delivery of software.

In the past few years, and frankly speaking, even today, this notion of “software supply chain” and the security risks involved are still a bit foreign to some organizations. However, we found that a brief educational session or a quick case study would easily help them understand the logic behind it, as well as the urgency and criticality of this issue. Then the more difficult part, as it always is, is to get started doing it. 

While implementing comprehensive measures to protect your software supply chain takes time and deliberation, we want to help you identify a few concrete steps that you can take today to get this journey started. And this is exactly the goal of this paper: Three Actions Enterprise IT Leaders Can Take to Improve Software Supply Chain Security

In this paper, we examined four high-profile software supply chain security attacks and incidents that have happened in recent years – Codecov, SolarWinds, Log4j, and Browserify. These are well-known cases which have done tremendous damage with wide-spread impact, and the impact of certain incidents, such as Log4j and SolarWinds, is still lingering even today. 

With the help of intuitive illustrations and diagrams, you will be able to understand how and why such attacks happened, even without previous knowledge about software supply chain or any IT security background. Based on the analysis of these attacks and interviews with multiple subject matter experts in this space, we identified three critical actions you can implement to help protect software supply chains today, with detailed lists of concrete steps and tooling that can help you.

As the paper says at the end, in the world of security, every step you take can increase your security — and your confidence. While perfection may likely remain out of reach, you’ll need to decide when you’ve done enough to sleep well at night. 

And the most important point is this: start now.

Download this paper today to find out how: Three Actions Enterprise IT Leaders Can Take to Improve Software Supply Chain Security.

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