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New Dialogflow Mega Agent for Contact Center AI increases intents by 10 times to 20,000

Contact centers are one of the most important ways that businesses interact with customers. But, consistently providing great customer interactions over the range of potential conversations presents a number of complex challenges, challenges that businesses are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud to help solve.

We recently announced Contact Center AI as GA, with Virtual Agent and Agent Assist to help businesses consistently deliver great customer experiences. To help improve your customer interactions even further, today we’re announcing significant updates to Dialogflow, the core technology of Contact Center AI, including increasing the number of intents available to your virtual agents by 10 times to 20,000. 

Dialogflow is an industry-leading platform for building chatbots and interactive voice responses (IVR), and powering contact centers globally with natural and rich conversational experiences. Increasing the number of intents means more training phrases, actions, parameters, and responses to help your Virtual Agent interact with customers and get their issues resolved more efficiently. 

In addition to added intents, we’ve made some other updates to Dialogflow to help you deliver the experience that your customers expect, while making it easier than ever to scale your Contact Center implementation. Here’s an overview of the updates we’re sharing today: 

  • Dialogflow Mega Agent (Beta): Get better customer conversations with up to 20,000 intents  

  • Dialogflow Agent Validation (GA): Identify agent design errors in real time for faster deployment and higher quality agents 

  • Dialogflow Versions and Environments (GA): Create multiple versions of agents and publish them to different environments 

  • Dialogflow Webhook Management API (GA): Create and manage your queries more quickly and easily

Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

Mega Agent: Answer 10x more customer questions
When your customer says or writes something, Dialogflow captures their request and matches it to the best intent in the agent. More intents lead to better customer conversations. A regular Dialogflow agent comes with a limit of 2,000 intents—which is the most intents available in the market, based on public information. With Dialogflow Mega Agent, now in beta, you can combine multiple Dialogflow agents into a single agent, and expand your intent limit by 10 times to 20,000 intents. 

With increased intents, customers can have more natural, seamless conversations, pivot intents and questions when they want, and get their questions covered. This greatly increases scale and your ability to tackle more use cases, to better serve your customers’ needs and solve their problems. 

Dialogflow Mega Agent also makes it easier for developers to create and manage their Dialogflow experience. If you have multiple teams building an agent, each team can now be responsible for one sub-agent, simplifying change conflicts and creating better governance across teams.

Companies are already using Dialogflow Mega Agent to provide a more seamless and integrated customer experience: 

“At KLM we are building multiple (chat)bot services using Dialogflow,” said Joost Oremus, Head of Social Technology at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. “As travel is a complex product, making sure that our customers are guided towards the right agent (both human agent and multiple automated agents) can be challenging. Our first trial experience with Mega Agent shows promising results in solving this challenge for us.”

Agent Validation: Better conversations lead to better customer experiences 
Frustrating interactions with your contact center is a sure way to lose customers. Yet, an internal study showed that 80% of Dialogflow agents had easy-to-fix quality issues. Dialogflow’s Agent Validation helps eliminate these negative interactions by helping designers identify errors to create high-quality agents and improve customer experiences.

It does this by highlighting quality issues in the Dialogflow agent design—such as overlapping training phrases, wrong entity annotations, and other issues—and giving developers real-time updates on issues that can be corrected. Reducing errors leads to faster bot deployment, and ultimately, higher quality Dialogflow agents in production. 

Contact Center AI is designed to make implementation as easy as possible. The following two features simplify the deployment stage even further, so your developers can spend their time on testing and reiterating on products. 

Versions & Environments: Create, test, and deploy your agent, all in one place
Versions and Environments, now GA, lets you create multiple versions of your agent and publish them to a variety of custom environments, including testing, development, staging, production, and so on. This means that developers can now test different agent versions, track changes, and manage the entire deployment process in the Dialogflow agent itself. 

Webhook Management API: Reduce webhook response time and save developer resources
With Webhook Management API, you can now create and manage webhooks, making it easier for enterprises to programatically fulfill their queries. As Dialogflow processes and fulfills millions of queries daily with webhook, this new API—which was previously limited to the Dialogflow console—will help enterprises speed up their agent design process. 

A great customer experience builds loyalty and leads to repeat business. With these updates to Dialogflow, we aim to make developing a great customer experience easier than ever before (Dialogflow pricing is available here). You can access all these features today through your Dialogflow console or API, which are available for your Contact Center AI integrations.