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Highlight your generative AI skills by earning the new no-cost skill badge

June 8, 2023
Liz Bredlau

Head of Google Cloud Certification Content

Mara Soss

Credentials and Certifications Lead

Generative AI is a rapidly expanding technology with a wide range of potential applications. Google Cloud Learning is thrilled to offer a new, no-cost Generative AI Fundamentals skill badge. This skill badge is designed for anyone eager to learn about the power of generative AI. No technical skills or prior knowledge required!

For those new to digital credentials, Google Cloud skill badges are digital credentials issued by Google Cloud in recognition of your knowledge of Google Cloud products and services. Individuals can earn skill badges on Google Cloud Skills Boost, and can share their skill badge to their social media profile and resume.

Watch the short videos in the generative AI courses and complete the final quiz to earn the Generative AI Fundamentals skill badge pictured below. In as little as 120 minutes, you will learn the basics of how generative AI works, how Google Cloud AI technology can be used by businesses and individuals, and how the principles of responsible AI lead to ethical decisions about the use of generative AI. 


By earning the skill badge, you will demonstrate your understanding of foundational concepts in generative AI.

The topics covered in the courses include:

1. Introduction to Generative AI 

  • Explain how generative AI works
  • Describe generative AI model types
  • Describe generative AI applications

2. Introduction to Large Language Models

  • Define large language models (LLMs)
  • Describe LLM use cases
  • Explain prompt tuning
  • Describe Google’s generative AI development tools

3. Introduction to Responsible AI

  • Identify the need for a responsible AI practice within an organization
  • Recognize that decisions made at all stages of a project make an impact in Responsible AI
  • Recognize that organizations can design an AI infrastructure to fit their own business needs and values

Earn the skill badge and show off your generative AI knowledge today! And for more content to help you stay up to date with generative AI, check out “The Prompt” and our generative AI primer for executives on Transform with Google Cloud.

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