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What can Google Cloud do for you? New trainings for business professionals

October 25, 2019
Saman Javan

Business Curriculum Developer, Google Cloud

Transforming your business with cloud technology is about more than just the technical implementation—you also need to enable people, processes and policies to take advantage of it. 

But according to a recent report from McKinsey, skills gaps were among the top challenges preventing organizations from achieving their growth and digital innovation objectives. For example, of the 52 leaders interviewed across 17 industries: 

  • 58% identified a talent gap (including technical and managerial talent)

  • 33% identified change management and implementation complications as challenges

  • 32% identified a gap in executives’ understanding of cloud capabilities and value at stake

In response to these and other skills gaps that we’ve identified, we’ve developed a new business-focused training track tailored to the needs of today’s workforce. This learning track aims to help non-technical business decision makers at all levels—from interns, to individual contributors, to managers, to leaders—develop the knowledge and skills they need to lead and empower their organization’s digital transformation with Google Cloud. 

Available today, we’ve developed four new trainings for business professionals interested in learning more about the cloud. These courses vary in terms of length and format (e.g., on-demand, instructor-led), but they all get your organization ready to get closer to their digital transformation goals. 

Business Transformation with Google Cloud
Adopting cloud technology is one of the most powerful ways for businesses to succeed at their digital transformation goals. This interactive course will empower you to understand the cloud, help you adopt an innovative mindset, map your data ecosystem, and build a high-level security program. It also offers industry examples and a step-by-step process to develop a business case to gain buy-in from your leadership. 

For a limited time, we are also offering a 50% discount on this training. Enroll in the course here.

Machine Learning for Business Professionals
For those interested in a deep dive into machine learning, this course will teach you the basics, and how to translate business problems into machine learning use cases. You’ll also learn how to vet those use cases for feasibility and impact, discover new ones, and lead a machine learning project through its various phases. Finally, the course will also explore how to pursue machine learning and artificial intelligence responsibly and ethically. Click here to enroll. 

Leading Change in the Cloud Era 
This 1-day private instructor-led training is for you if you are a leader in the process of modernizing your infrastructure, building new apps and experiences, and gaining insights from your data all with Google Cloud. This course is designed to enable you to increase your adaptability as a leader, identify actions to effectively manage transition, coach your teams through change, and communicate change to gain commitment. Register for a private class here.

Get up to speed on Google Cloud
Cloud computing represents a massive change in how organizations do business, and to be successful, you and your stakeholders from a wide range of disciplines need to understand how it impacts your role. These trainings are just a few of the offerings we have planned for non-technical roles—stay tuned for new courses in the coming months. Are you ready to transform your business with Google Cloud technology? Start with “Business Transformation with Google Cloud” and enroll here. For the full complement of available courses, both on-demand and in the classroom, visit Google Cloud Training.

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