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Meet the new Professional Cloud Database Engineer certification

July 28, 2022
Emma Freeman

Learning Portfolio Manager, Databases and Data Analytics

Anita Kibunguchy-Grant

Head of Product Marketing, Databases

After a successful certification beta, we’re excited to share that the Professional Cloud Database Engineer certification is now generally available. 

This new certification allows you to showcase your ability to manage databases that power the world’s most demanding workloads. Traditional data management roles have evolved and now call for elevated cloud data management expertise, making this certification especially important now because 80% of IT leaders note a lack of skills and knowledge among their employees

Google Cloud certifications have proven to be critical for employees and businesses looking to adopt cloud technologies. In fact, 76% of IT decision makers agree that certifications have increased their confidence in their staff’s knowledge and ability. 

Certification exam tips from a beta tester

The new certification validates your ability to design, plan, test, implement, and monitor cloud databases. Plus, it also demonstrates your ability to lead database migration efforts and guide organizational decisions based on your company’s use cases.

Kevin Slifer, Technical Delivery Director, Cloud Practice, EPAM Systems shares his experience in becoming a Google Cloud certified Professional Cloud Database Engineer:

“Preparing for the Professional Cloud Database Engineer certification improved my proficiency in database migration and management in the cloud.  

Passing the exam has enabled me to add immediate value to the organizations that I work with in navigating their database migration and modernization journeys, including my current project, which involves the adoption of Cloud SQL at scale. 

Candidates who are preparing for this exam should make an investment in understanding the key benefits of bringing legacy database platforms into Google-managed services like Cloud SQL and Bare Metal Solution, as well as the additional upside to going cloud-native with Google’s own database platforms like Spanner and Firestore.”

Deepen your database knowledge

Get started with our recommended content to enhance your database knowledge, on your journey towards becoming a Google Cloud certified Professional Cloud Database Engineer. This is a Professional certification requiring both industry knowledge and hands-on experience working with Google Cloud databases.

Mark Your Calendars

Register for our upcoming Cloud OnAir webinar on August 4, 2022 at 9am PT featuring Mara Soss, Credentials and Certification Engagement Lead and Priyanka Vergadia, Google Cloud Staff Developer Advocate, as they dive into the new certification, how to best prepare, and they will take your questions live.

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