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Supply Chain & Logistics

How supply chain organizations can use data and AI to drive efficiency and optimization

August 31, 2023
Lucas Thelosen

Group Product Manager

Data and AI are transforming every industry, and so is the supply chain that powers many of them. In recent years, supply chains have increased in visibility and impact for both businesses and consumers. At the same time, the challenges of adhering to sustainability expectations, while balancing geopolitical and financial challenges, have made it harder than ever to run efficient and sustainable supply chains. At Google Cloud, we’ve delivered great results to our supply chain customers through data and AI, allowing them to better understand their supply chains, identify areas for improvement, reach their sustainability goals, and make more informed decisions.

Today, we’re proud to bring our expertise to more customers with Data and AI Cloud for Supply Chain. Together with our partners and customers, we’ve gained a deep understanding across many industries, and our customers have gotten huge value from building data-driven supply chains with our technology and value accelerators. With Data and AI Cloud for Supply Chain, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exceptional customer experiences by using data and AI to gain a deeper understanding, increase efficiency and resilience of your supply chain. Accurately forecast when products are needed and how to get them there in the most efficient way.

  • Reduced costs and carbon footprint: Identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and risks through improved visibility has enabled organizations to free up resources, automate where possible, and increase efficiency. This has not only been clear through reduced costs, but also through improved customer and employee satisfaction.

  • A platform to accelerate deployment of AI-enabled use cases: Be ready to leverage the latest generative AI technology for intercompany search, for example, for insights into the far ends of the supply chain through a simple question; or to serve up personalized experiences to your customers based on real-time inventory availability.

Delivering value to our customers

Innovative companies have been using Google’s Data and AI Cloud for many years now, achieving incredible results.

  • Coop reduces food waste by forecasting with Google’s Data and AI technologies, resulting in a 43% performance improvement over the purpose build, in-house solution.

  • Renault improves its supply chain visibility, reduces cost of inventory, understands end-of-life of stock components, lower costs, and manages logistics more effectively, in turn improving customer satisfaction.

Google’s Data and AI Cloud for Supply Chain capabilities

Google’s Data and AI Cloud for Supply Chain includes a variety of solutions and value accelerators that help businesses optimize their supply chains. Some of the key solutions and value accelerators include:

  • AI-optimized planning and forecasting: Google Cloud’s products and our partners provide businesses the ability to use machine learning to help optimize their planning, forecasting processes and on-shelf availability. This can help them reduce waste, improve customer service, and increase profits.

  • Vendor performance visibility: This solution helps businesses track the performance of their vendors. This information can be used to identify and address potential problems, such as late deliveries or poor-quality products.

  • Cross-company data sharing: Businesses can more easily share data across their supply chain with partners, vendors and customers, improving collaboration and coordination, and helping them make more informed decisions. By connecting to various data sources from our wide ecosystem of providers and securely sharing data with trading partners, businesses can improve collaboration and coordination and make more informed decisions.

  • Sophisticated partner ecosystem: We partner with an assortment of Independent Software Vendors ( ISVs) in supply chain and sustainability. ISVs such as Kinaxis, Dematic, Atlas AI, ESG Book, NGIS, Project44 and Geotab integrate into Google Cloud’s Data and AI capabilities and support critical workflows for our customers. Organizations can further accelerate their development journey by tapping into Google Cloud's latest Industry Value Networks, which brings accelerators and reusable IP / assets with select partners to solve several high-value use cases across industries. 

Augment and accelerate your supply chain opportunities

Google’s Data and AI Cloud for Supply Chain is a powerful suite of solutions, value accelerators, and partner offerings that help businesses of all sizes optimize their supply chains using data and AI. To learn more, tune into our session at Google Cloud Next or contact us here.

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