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Introducing Google Cloud’s new Web3 startup program

April 25, 2023
James Tromans

Head of Web3 Engineering at Google Cloud

Ryan Kiskis

Director, Startup Ecosystem, Google Cloud

Google for Startups Cloud Program

Gain access to dedicated startup experts, cloud credits for two years, and tools built for speed & insights

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Google Cloud is here to help Web3 startups and emerging projects build and scale faster and more securely. Our goal is to enable Web3 builders to focus on what really matters - speed-to-market and innovation. This means giving startups the ability to build on our fully managed, serverless platform at no cost, as well as the resources and community to be successful. That’s why we’re thrilled to expand our Google for Startups Cloud Program to include additional Web3-specific benefits.

Starting today, when eligible Web3 technology projects and startups from pre-seed to Series A (including equity, tokens, NFT token fundraising or a grant from a blockchain foundation) apply for the Google for Startups Cloud Program, they can also opt-in to our Web3-specific benefits. Our new benefits give Web3 projects and startups the technology, community, and resources that they need to focus on innovation over infrastructure as they build decentralized apps, Web3 tooling, services and more.

Access to all the Google for Startups Cloud Program benefits, including:

Up to $200,000 USD over 2 years in Google Cloud credits 
Web3 startups can use Google Cloud credits to quickly and securely build their decentralized application (dApp), protocol, or other services with up to $100,000 in Google Cloud credits for the first year, and in the second year 20% of their Google Cloud usage costs are covered up to an additional $100,000 in credits.

Technical & collaboration support
We’re providing credits to allow Web3 startups access to fast, high-quality Customer Care Enhanced Support, access to Google Cloud Startup Customer Engineers and a Startup Success Manager to accelerate onboarding with Google Cloud. We’re also offering 12 months of free Google Workspace Business Plus for new sign-ups.

Access to dedicated Web3 benefits, including: 


Early access to Google Cloud Web3 products and our roadmap
Startups and projects will get direct visibility into the Google Cloud Web3 product roadmap and the ability to provide input. And, they’ll get early access to new Google Cloud Web3 products before they are generally available. 

Hands-on learning labs and Google Cloud courses
Ongoing training is critical to innovation. Our Web3 startup program offers free access to advanced hands-on learning labs focused on Web3 and the latest Google Cloud technology.


Gated Discord channel with Google Cloud Web3 product and engineering teams
We are enabling like-minded developers and engineers at the forefront of innovation to come together to share knowledge through an invite-only, gated Discord channel with Google Cloud Web3 product, engineering, partners, and other startups in the program.

VIP-access to Google Cloud Web3 community events
Community is at the heart of Web3, and Web3 events are a great opportunity for startups to meet in person and grow their networks. Startups will get VIP access to global Google Cloud Web3 events, such as Paris Blockchain Week, Consensus and TOKEN2049 Singapore.


Exclusive grants from Aptos, Celo, Flow, HBAR Foundation, Near, and Solana Foundation
Our foundation partners Aptos, Celo, Flow, HBAR Foundation, Near, and Solana Foundation are each offering exclusive grants totalling up to $1 million USD each (or token equivalent) to help accelerate Web3 startup growth, along with resources to support development.

Priority review for the Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund & dedicated investment dollars
Access to a total of up to $3M USD in investments from the Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund, priority review from the Ventures Team and access to all Polygon Venture benefits.

Priority review for the Base Ecosystem Fund & access to testnet 
Our program gives Web3 projects and startups access to priority review for the Base Ecosystem Fund and introductions to the Coinbase Ventures and Listing teams. It also offers exclusive access to a Base Discord channel for priority support, invitations to Base meetups and events, and additional testnet Base Goerli ETH for building.

Discount on Nansen products and engagement fees
Getting insights on user needs and trends is critical to growth. Web3 startups will now be able to unlock on-chain data and insights with a free month of Nansen Query and then 20% off Nansen products and engagement fees for an additional 12 months.

Credits for Alchemy and priority access to Alchemy University
Alchemy makes it easier for Web3 teams to go from ideation to production. Our startup program will offer them up to $10,000 USD in Alchemy credits with VIP support and mentorship to bounce ideas, share product updates, and gather feedback. In addition, they have priority access to Alchemy University, a premier bootcamp to ramp devs on all things web3. 

thirdweb gasless contract deployment, support and co-marketing
Startups and projects in our program will also get gasless contract deployment with thirdweb, dedicated development support and dollar-matching up to $2,500 to promote Explore marketplace custom contracts.

We will continue to help Web3 founders and developers move fast, without creating technical debt that slows them down. With Web3 specific products like Blockchain Node Engine and BigQuery public data sets, as well as fully managed, serverless offerings like Cloud Run, Firestore, Firebase, and BigQuery, Web3 startups can spend their time building quickly and easily.

Web3 startups around the world are choosing Google Cloud. Join us and let's build the future together.

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