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Hear from One AI, a fast-growing seed-stage startup on what to consider when selecting a cloud provider

August 8, 2023
Helene Ambiana

Global SMB & Startups Marketing Director

From the newsroom to the boardroom, everywhere we turn these days the topic of conversation is artificial intelligence (AI). From the smallest startups to the largest enterprises, every business is looking for ways to incorporate generative AI technology into their products or services. 

Generative AI is a new breed, able to not only discern patterns in data but generalize from them and create new data—and it’s moving fast. With new technologies rapidly emerging, there's a lot to consider when choosing a tech stack that’s right for your startup. 

Our mission is to empower startups to build generative AI applications quickly, efficiently, and responsibly. In addition to our technology, we offer a variety of fresh educational and consulting initiatives, as well as comprehensive plans tailored to specific industry applications. 

At the recent Google Cloud Startup Summit, leaders from One AI and MongoDB weighed in on various decisions startups face when choosing a development platform to integrate AI into their products. (You can watch the full conversation here.) They shared key insights into the challenges startups face when applying AI technology to real-world business and product use cases. 

In this blog, we’ll explore why One AI – a platform that empowers businesses to deploy tailored AI solutions – relies on MongoDB on Google Cloud for performance, scale, functionality, and TCO. We will also cover the things that startups should keep in mind when building their generative AI stack.

Fine-tuning generative AI for startups

First, let’s start with a little background. 

AI-based capabilities have been around for decades now, but generative AI is distinct. It’s a more mature version of AI, powered by models pre-trained on very large datasets composed of massive quantities of images, text, and data. These models are known as foundation models, and they include large language models (LLMs), text-to-image models, multimodal models, and more. Foundation models let intelligent applications  generate new images, text, and data based on queries or prompts. This in turn allows companies to deploy those capabilities in their products and services faster since they don't have to retrain the whole AI from scratch. 

Over the course of their diverse startup careers, Amit Ben, CEO at One AI and his team have built AI-based capabilities from the ground up for various products in various fields.

“And each time, we had to rebuild the tech stack over again,” Amit explains. “With the advent of generative AI, startups now have the ability to deploy much faster — with a lower TCO and higher confidence — and deliver the capabilities they need into their products and services. It finally makes sense for every company to have AI in its product portfolio.”

“For us to be able to focus on that,” Amit adds, “we need to make sure we have a rock-solid foundation that we can build on.”

That foundation is MongoDB on Google Cloud. 

Helping startups build fast and with flexibility

Startups can scale from ideation to growth with Google Cloud’s global availability, market-leading sustainability, and the same zero-trust security model that Google itself depends on.

With MongoDB, startups can take advantage of iteration cycles that are 3-5X faster, reduce sprawl and complexity, and benefit from the scalable infrastructure and advanced analytics tools on Google Cloud

With MongoDB on Google Cloud, Amit and his team are confident they can adapt to new schemas, to new data, and to the scale they need for both writing and reading, all while operating on a scalable platform and infrastructure they can rely on for the long haul. 

A common mistake for startups is turning to niche, single-point solutions. But this can backfire when they realize their solution doesn’t provide the security, scalability, and performance they need to grow. 

Additionally, startups tend to have tight iteration cycles as they find their ideal product market fit. The ability to build fast and with improved flexibility is a key differentiator in a startup environment. 

From cutting-edge automation to rock-solid redundancy and performance, there are many reasons why startups choose MongoDB on Google Cloud. And now, a dedicated partnership helps startups like One AI scale more quickly, more securely, and more successfully. 

Google Cloud and MongoDB for startups

Choosing the right technology to accelerate time to market is critical to a startup’s success. Not only is it easy to get started, but Google Cloud and MongoDB also provide the foundation for users to scale without limits — so startups can focus on innovating and growing their businesses. 

Learn more about the powerful startup programs available from Google Cloud and MongoDB.

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