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Bringing it all together: learn GCP solutions from the sources at Next ‘19

April 4, 2019
The Google Cloud Solutions Team

If you need details about using a particular Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service—whether Compute Engine or Cloud Storage or BigQuery—you typically turn to the respective service’s docs. But developing cloud-based apps involves combining multiple services into a complete solution. And there are as many solutions as there are businesses using the cloud.

We understand this, and that's why we have a team of solutions architects (SAs) who are industry veterans and experts in app design and cloud architecture. These Google devs show you how to put services together to solve your particular business need, and ultimately, create your very own solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Learn about GCP solutions at Next ’19

If you’re attending Google Cloud Next ’19, our annual cloud conference, you’ll have the opportunity to meet these SAs in person. Stop by the whiteboard booth to put faces to the names and solutions, to share ideas for topics or to even get help with your designs and plans.

And while you’re at it, there are plenty of sessions with our SAs that you can attend. Here are a few to mark on your calendars, if you haven’t already:

  1. Automate your way to a consistent and repeatable world with CSP Learn about a set of opinionated solutions that help speed up your creation of a solid cloud platform.

  2. Journey to the cloud confidently with Citrix and Google Cloud Get practical advice on how to move to GCP using Citrix and open source tools, with reference architectures and customer stories.

  3. Revolutionizing media workflows with intelligent content See how machine learning can help add intelligence for better media workflows.

  4. Managing a render farm on GCP using OpenCue Get a live demo of OpenCue, the open-source, high-performance render manager for animation industry companies.

  5. BigQuery ML: What's New, and an Exploration With Booking.com on Using It to Assess Data Quality Learn about BigQuery ML’s latest models and features, plus hear how Booking.com uses these models to assess data quality.

  6. Large-scale multiplayer gaming on Kubernetes See how open-source projects built on Kubernetes can handle infrastructure for you, featuring the Open Match matchmaking and the Agones game-serving platforms.

  7. Marketing and creative insights from unstructured data: Cloud ML APIs Check out examples of how customers use the Cloud Natural Language and the Cloud Vision APIs to take advantage of unstructured data for marketing analytics.

  8. GCP for Apache Kafka Users: Stream Ingestion and Processing View two approaches to data integration and how to use Cloud Dataflow for your data streams.

Explore solutions docs for your requirements

Along with Next sessions, you can explore the Solutions Gallery, a portal featuring more than 600 solutions documents that explain how to use GCP components to create apps that address real-world requirements. Each of our solutions dives deep to describe how the SA implemented, well, a solution to a particular customer requirement. Some of the solutions are big-picture overviews. Some list best practices. Many are tutorials that include code and the link to GitHub repositories where you can find all the components you need to run the solution yourself.

The topics are as wide-ranging as our customers and as their reasons for building cloud-based apps. Here are just a few examples:

  • Is your system prepared for the unexpected? A multi-part series by SA Grace Mollison describes how to design a cloud architecture to handle disaster recovery. Check out her excellent "run-flat" analogy for hot failover.
  • Want hands-on experience using machine learning for a real app? SA Lukman Ramsey created a multi-part tutorial series that explains how to use TensorFlow and GCP components to build a recommendation system.
  • You already know how to back up your systems when everything is on-premises, but what do you do when your infrastructure is in the cloud? A solution by SA David Cueva Tello explains how to set up automated backups using Cloud Composer.

We invite you to explore our solutions and learn about the many ways you can use GCP to address your development needs. And keep an eye out here for information about new solutions.

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