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Whitepaper: The guide to financial governance in the cloud

October 2, 2018
Matt Leonard

Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform

Today we're announcing the availability of a new white paper entitled “The Guide to Financial Governance in the Cloud.” This white paper discusses the importance of financial governance controls and the role these controls play in increasing the predictability of cloud costs.

“By 2020, organizations that lack cost optimization processes will average 40% overspend in public cloud.”Gartner 1

The white paper aims to address overspending by providing guidance on how financial governance controls, such as usage quotas, budget alerts, and organizational policies, can help keep cloud costs and usage in check. In addition, the white paper shares key findings from a recent Google study of 250 enterprise professionals across IT and finance. In this study, a majority (61%) of professionals cited lack of predictability as their single greatest cloud cost management pain point. Other notable insights include IT and finance’s role in managing IT costs, where their roles overlap, and which tasks are most important when executing successful IT cost management processes.

Our goal at Google Cloud is to provide you with tools that provide clarity, accountability, and control of your cloud costs so that you can scale your business in the cloud with confidence and reduce the risk of overspending. You can learn more about Google Cloud’s point of view on financial governance in the cloud by downloading the white paper. In addition, register for our upcoming webinar to learn more about financial governance controls and getting started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cost management.

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1. Gartner, Inc., Predicts 2018: The Cloud Platform Becomes the Expedited Path to Value, February 21, 2018.
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