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GoGuardian and Google Cloud partner to transform teaching and learning experiences

August 24, 2023
Brent Mitchell

Vice President, US State & Local Government and Education

Alisa Sommer

Global Head of EdTech Partnerships, Google

With products that serve over 150 million students globally, Google has a responsibility to meet the rapidly evolving needs of students, educators, and administrators. Google for Education and Google Cloud work together to partner with the most innovative EdTech companies to help to make learning more personal, safer, and accessible in the classroom and beyond. 

GoGuardian, a leading provider of digital learning solutions, has partnered with Google for Education over the last 7 years to provide safer and more innovative classrooms with solutions available on Chrome, such as GoGuardian Admin, which leverages advanced filtering to provide thoughtful guardrails and helps keep students safe and on task. Recently, the partnership expanded to include close collaboration with Google Cloud to bring the latest advancements in AI to GoGuardian’s products. These advancements in AI will enable GoGuardian to more efficiently address evolving needs in the classroom, such as students’ need for targeted, in-the-moment support and individualized learning content that is personally relevant and evolves alongside each learner.   

GoGuardian and Google believe that everyone—educators and learners at every age and stage—deserve the tools and skills that set them up for success in building the future they want for themselves. Shortly after being founded in 2014, GoGuardian was serving more than 30,000 students. Today, that number is over 27 million — more than half of all public K-12 students in the U.S.

Let’s take a closer look at how schools around the U.S. are utilizing technology solutions from the GoGuardian and Google partnership.

Advancing learning for everyone

Close partnership between Google and GoGuardian directly benefits schools that use their seamlessly integrated tools in the classroom day to day. Adding Google Cloud to their existing Google integrations allows GoGuardian the opportunity to introduce new GenAI tools that can help educators build personalized learning content and resources faster for their classrooms. 

“Effective teaching and learning depend on many interrelated activities,” said Sharad Gupta, GoGuardian’s Chief Product Officer. Schools and districts are tasked with challenges ranging from classroom management and engagement to student performance and safety to emotional well-being. Our portfolio supports all these critical areas, and our partnership with Google helps ensure we can deliver at the level schools need to succeed.”

With GoGuardian and Google tools, educators can create active learning experiences that foster self-expression, deepen student-teacher relationships, keep learning safe, and amplify student voices. Together, GoGuardian and Google help schools tackle some of education’s toughest challenges, such as creating inclusive learning environments that have been shown to result in statistically significant improvements in classroom achievement and graduation rates.

Partnering to bring rapid innovation to millions of teachers, students, and administrators

“Deep integration across a number of Google for Education tools has helped shape our company's growth and success, and the opportunity to expand our work with Google to bring the best of AI to our users is an exciting evolution," said Advait Shinde, GoGuardian’s CEO and Co-Founder.

GoGuardian ultimately chose Google Cloud as a partner thanks to clear momentum with AI tools and a shared commitment to innovate responsibly with the needs of the education community in mind. Product and engineering teams from GoGuardian and Google have experience working together on product integrations that support the development of next-generation educational applications in a cost-effective manner. This experience enables both partners to rapidly iterate on and validate AI use cases in education.   

Recently, Google and GoGuardian product teams have collaborated to explore Google Cloud’s suite of generative AI products, such as Vertex AI, to build education solutions that were not previously feasible. By working closely together, product teams are able to rapidly prototype, validate, and bring new solutions to market with a focus on efficacy. As teaching and learning continue to evolve, GoGuardian's digital learning tools have adapted and grown alongside educators, empowering them to foster creativity and engagement in every lesson. Google Cloud will be a key partner in helping GoGuardian address the challenges of today while envisioning the solutions of tomorrow.

GoGuardian: A suite of tools for more effective, engaging learning 

GoGuardian helps schools create more effective online learning environments. With GoGuardian, schools can encourage student engagement with materials and track individual performance.

“Our goal is to enable every student to realize their full potential with the help of our learning platform,” said Shinde. “We want learners to be ready to tackle any challenge that’s in front of them. By integrating the best in learning and science technology into our platform, we can help transform teaching and learning.”

GoGuardian’s suite of tools include: 

  • GoGuardian Admin to help students remain safer and more productive on their learning journey

  • GoGuardian Teacher for more effective instruction in digital learning environments

  • Beacon to assist with student mental health and safety management

  • Giant Steps for gamified student collaboration and independent practice in K-12 classrooms and beyond

  • Pear Deck to transform presentations into active learning experiences to engage all learners

  • Edulastic for more effective assessments, access to instant data-driven insights, and standards mastery tracked for a more engaged classroom 

  • TutorMe for high-quality, on-demand tutoring across all subjects and all grade levels.

These solutions support GoGuardian’s mission, and today serve 740,000 educators in 11,500 schools and 7,400 districts, including all 25 of the largest school districts in the U.S. 

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For more on Google Cloud’s latest solutions in EdTech, visit our Google Cloud for EdTech solutions page and learn about how we’re making education more personal, safe and accessible. If you’re an EdTech startup that’s looking to access a large network of industry experts and deepen your partnership with Google Cloud, apply to StartEd, sponsored by Google Cloud, today.

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