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Five behaviours for digital diffusion in EMEA—Google Cloud Public Sector Summit

November 24, 2020
Mark Palmer

Head of Public Sector, UK&I, Google Cloud

This year presented many unforeseen and unthinkable global challenges. From shifting to remote work and providing essential services to affected communities to working tirelessly to keep the economy afloat. Many of us often wished there was a magic formula to help smooth these transitions. 

And while a magic formula might not exist, many governments across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) followed a common set of behaviours that helped the public sector diffuse digital technology within their organisations. These five principles included:

  • Prioritising data security, privacy, and sovereignty

  • Creating exciting services and experiences with artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Identifying and navigating the pitfalls of application modernisation

  • Viewing sustainability as a net-positive

  • Putting people at the centre of cloud adoption.

At the Google Cloud Public Sector Summit on December 9, in our EMEA keynote and the sessions that follow, we’ll learn from the organisations and governments who applied these principles to navigate these difficult times, improve operational efficiency, and deliver digital solutions that serve and excite employees, customers, and citizens. Leaders from across the Public Sector will share insights and answer questions in real-time on how Google Cloud has helped them accelerate innovation when it mattered the most, to deliver outstanding public services that are secure, responsive, and efficient.  

Our EMEA-focused sessions will show you how to:

Ask the Expert: Need help with something specific? Sign up to chat with a Google Cloud expert on one of these topics: Smart analytics, security, infrastructure modernisation, application modernisation, productivity and collaboration AI, or digital transformation. Spaces will fill up, so don’t delay. 

Engage with Partners: Learn how our partner ecosystem can help to bolster your Google Cloud solution. 

The Google Cloud Public Sector Summit is a free online event. Join us on Dec. 8-9—register today. If you have any questions about the event, please reach out to us at ps-summit-support@google.com. 

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