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Accelerating the MongoDB-Google Cloud partnership to make data more open and transformative

March 8, 2023
Kevin Ichhpurani

Corporate VP, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels

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MongoDB has partnered with Google Cloud since 2018 and is now available in 32 Google Cloud regions around the world, helping thousands of companies — such as Ulta, Keller Williams, Rent the Runway, and more — adopt cloud-native data strategies. Through our partnership, customers can build data-rich applications at scale by bringing MongoDB’s popular Atlas database service onto Google Cloud, create more value through deep integrations with Google’s data cloud, and easily deploy Atlas through the Google Cloud Marketplace. 

Five years in, we’re proud to announce that we are significantly expanding our joint commitment to powering data-driven transformations with a multi-year extension of our partnership. This includes plans to double the scope of Google Cloud infrastructure that MongoDB needs to support accelerating adoption of Atlas. We have three main priorities as part of this expansion: 1) deepen integrations between MongoDB and Google Cloud products and AI; 2) empower startups with tools that accelerate their growth; and 3) increase go-to-market collaboration to help organizations achieve their data goals.  

Deeper integrations between MongoDB and Google Cloud

Open data is a pillar of our work with MongoDB. We are each committed to breaking down barriers within our mutual customers’ data, whether it is through initiatives like the Data Cloud Alliance or the more than 20 integrations between MongoDB Atlas and Google’s data cloud that help customers get value from their data. With our extended partnership, we plan to jointly launch more than 10 new updates in the near future, including:

  • Deeper BigQuery Integrations: Our top priority is to make the integration between MongoDB and BigQuery even more seamless, because it provides customers with a holistic analytics solution that can handle their most complex analytics needs and leverage data from any data source. New capabilities will make it even easier to stream this enriched data from BigQuery into MongoDB, which makes apps smarter and requires less effort from developers. 

  • Data enhancements with AI/ML: Data is the most valuable resource behind many of the AI projects that enterprises and startups are undertaking today. We will enable more ways for customers to apply the power of Google Cloud 's AI/ML capabilities to MongoDB data, including integrations with Vertex AI, new reference architectures, and tools that help businesses better apply Google Cloud AI/ML to achieve their business goals. 

  • Sovereign data capabilities: MongoDB was one of the first partners to join our Google Cloud Ready–Sovereign Solutions program, which ensures customers can use MongoDB while meeting their digital sovereignty objectives. Looking ahead, we will invest deep engineering resources that allow customers to build with MongoDB just as they always have, while providing them with the ability to address local data governance and sovereignty requirements. 

Helping startups scale through an enhanced joint partnership 

MongoDB and Google Cloud are also expanding their partnership to help startups more quickly build their data strategies. This new, joint initiative will bring together tailored resources that get startups up-and-running on MongoDB quickly; credits for both MongoDB and Google Cloud products; onboarding support; and tooling to meet the specific technology needs of startups – like infrastructure that can quickly scale up or down with demand. We will also enhance developer capabilities to accelerate innovation for app development. 

Accelerating MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud with new go-to-market initiatives

Google Cloud is a partner-first business. Our partners play a critical role in every product area, particularly data, where openness is absolutely critical. This means it’s important that customers can seamlessly deploy partner products alongside our own–for instance, releasing a new deployment of MongoDB Atlas alongside BigQuery to share transactional data and run complex, real-time analytics over petabyte-scale data sets. 

To make it easy for organizations to deploy Atlas on Google Cloud and integrate with BigQuery, we’re deepening our joint go-to-market initiatives, including bringing our customer-facing implementation, engineering, and field teams closer together to accelerate customers’ time-to-value, and giving customers more choice and flexibility for deploying Atlas on Google Cloud. 

For example, MongoDB rolled out its Pay-As-You-Go listing on Google Cloud Marketplace last quarter, and it has seen a significant uptick in customers from this model into more scaled-up MongoDB services with more sophisticated workload requirements. Customers like Universe are using Atlas search and integrations with Google Cloud services like BigQuery to build more robust data pipelines and streamline its ticketing processes.

Keeping data open for years to come

MongoDB and Google Cloud are fundamentally committed to breaking down data silos and ensuring that customers can build using data from any source, in any location, and on any platform. We’re proud of the work we’ve already achieved to power businesses with data capabilities that are the foundation for their digital transformations, and we are committed to deepening this collaboration even further to help businesses of all sizes succeed at every step of their data journeys.

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