Journey to differentiation: Reimagining customer success through Partner Expertise and Specialization

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Google Cloud continues to make significant investments to expand our channel presence, not only in volume but also in exponential growth in technical and service skills. Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage program, which we launched this past July, focuses on collaboration, simplicity and our joint customer impact, making it even easier for partners to innovate, grow, and work with Google Cloud.

Doubling down on support for our partners, Google Cloud continues to offer unique ways for partners to differentiate their business and help customers on their transformation journey. Our approach focuses on both Partner Expertise and Partner Specialization.


Today, we are excited to showcase our partners’ achievements, provide updates on our expanding ecosystem, and share our partners and customers' journey to differentiation!

Partner Expertise

As part of Partner Advantage, Partner Expertise was launched to offer our partners a way to stand out early in their journey to specialization. A Google Cloud partner with an Expertise means that partner has demonstrated early customer success at a more granular level across products, workloads, and/or industries segments based on a defined set of requirements, including public evidence. Partner Expertise is open for all partners to apply, no matter the business model. 

Google Cloud anticipates many of our partners will engage quickly to highlight key wins, recognizing there is power in sharing! We have more than 400 verified Expertise achievements across the expanded areas, including this list of select engagements:

Partner Expertise Area | Partner Name | Customer Evidence

Data warehouse | Computas AS | Hafslund: Innovating infrastructure for the new smart meter network

SAP Migration | Microfusion | TaiMed Biologics

Cloud Productivity | SADA | State of Arizona: Supercharging productivity and collaboration

VM Migration | CloudCover | Pythian | BBM /Creative Media Works: Cuts infrastructure costs by 30%

Marketing analytics | iKala | Raising online video ad value for brands

G Suite | Cloudwürdig | Viessmann: Building a smart business to deliver smart homes

Cloud Networking | DoiT | PerimeterX: Pushing networks for lighting-fast response times

Cloud Identity & Security | Biarca | Security & Compliance for leading Healthcare system

Congratulations to all of our partners who are exhibiting early success with customers via Partner Expertise, the launchpad toward specialization. 

Partner Specialization

Partners who have achieved a specialization have undergone a rigorous technical assessment, employed certified personnel, demonstrated repeatable customer success and outlined a committed annual plan to invest in their particular specialization. A Google Cloud partner with a Specialization indicates the strongest signal of proficiency and experience with Google Cloud while maintaining a consistent practice that delights the customer.

We are pleased to announce 30-plus additional partners that successfully achieved a specialization or renewed in Q3 2019!

Application Development

Cloud Migration

Data Analytics
Amarello Tecnologías
Cloud Mile
Cloudbakers, LLC
Tinamica SL


Fairwinds Ops, Inc
Microfusion Technology
Nomura Research Institute LTD

Machine Learning
Core Compete
DoIT International
Gigster Inc.

Marketing Analytics
Delve Partners LLC
MediaAgility Inc


Cloudassist Services Pte Ltd

Work Transformation

It’s amazing to see our partners growing their businesses with us, and even more incredible to witness our partners driving real business value for our customers with Google Cloud! 

Looking for a partner in your region who has achieved an expertise and/or specialization? Search our global Partner Directory. For our partners who are ready to go to the next level, visit Google Cloud Expertise and Specialization to learn more.

For a list of Google Cloud partners with Specializations view here.

Not a Google Cloud partner? Visit Partner Advantage and learn how to become one today!