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Resources from Google Cloud partners to support businesses during COVID-19

June 29, 2020
Carolee Gearhart

Global Channel Chief Google Cloud

Our Google Cloud partners play a huge role in supporting our customers, and at no time has that been more true than now. From the beginning of the pandemic, the Google Cloud partner community has been at the forefront of building new solutions to address the short-term and long-term needs of our customers around the world.

Last month I shared just a few of the examples of how partners, customers, and Googlers are working together to enable business continuity in so many key areas of our communities today. 

In parallel, we’ve seen many partners that have worked quickly to combine their decades of technical expertise with the learnings of the past several months in order to provide customers with new offers, solutions, and services to best support them.

To make it easier for a broader range of customers to benefit from these resources, today we’re launching a new partner offers and solutions resource. This is a simple way for customers to connect directly with partners who can provide solutions and support to help their businesses move forward during this time. Below are just a few of the highlighted offers from this new resource.

Partners supporting healthcare & life sciences organizations

Deloitte has created Deloitte’s Health360 Solution, Coronavirus Response Management Platform (CRMP), to help states identify patient subpopulations that are at highest risk in order to provide tailored testing, care, and services to these populations. This solution can support operational and policy leaders in every state as a standalone platform using only Deloitte data, but can also integrate with states’ data sources.

Maven Wave, an Atos company, has rolled out Rapid Response offerings that can be implemented in as little as a week. These include healthcare solutions for managing patient inquiries, enabling work from home, telehealth, and data visualization to keep businesses running, while adapting to the changing needs of their customers.  

TEKsystems Global Services is supporting healthcare clients during the pandemic by using their conversational AI solution, TEKsystems.sAIge, to create a chatbot for COVID-19 screening. This is helping healthcare workers save time and resources where it’s needed most. 

Supporting business continuity efforts & IT cost optimization

To support organizations across industries reeling from the influx of requests for information and support, Google Cloud collaborated with contact center partners such as Avaya, Cisco, Five9, Genesys, and Twilio to quickly create the Rapid Response Virtual Agent program. The program, powered by Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI, enables customers to quickly build and implement a customized Contact Center AI virtual agent over chat, voice, and social channels. Our Systems Integrators help customers develop and implement their virtual agent through the program, including Kin + Carta, Maven Wave, mediaagility, Quantiphi, SADA, SpringML, and others.

As a response to COVID-19 challenges, Devoteam is helping businesses, governments, and schools optimize Google Cloud workloads to find cost savings with best practice and solution guidance for resource planning, cost estimation, cost budgeting, cost control and optimization. Devoteam's experts have already helped around 400 schools transition to G Suite, offering their services free of charge. Their new Remote Productivity Hub offers articles and advice on switching to remote work and remote team management, using Google tools. Devoteam also prepared an offering portfolio focused on workforce training, rapid deployment of Google products as well as a series of EMEA-wide webinars to support business continuity and boost work effectiveness in the new situation.

Pandera Systems has developed specialized COVID-19 business support services to address organizations’ critical business needs during this time. Their free Transformation Accelerator Program provides digital coaching, implementation support, and accelerated transformation lessons to equip businesses with the tools they need to minimize disruption, fast. 

Helping customers transition to remote work 

The G Suite Rapid Standup package by 66degrees offers a quick, secure, and cost effective remote solution to help keep employees healthy and safe, while staying productive and energized. 66degrees’ quick-stand up G Suite special offer comes with custom configurations, unlimited access to their "Continuous Learning as a Service" portal and 5 additional admin support hours to help customers in this transformation.

#CloudQuarters, a new work from home resource hub by SADA, shares information, guidance, curated content, and tips & tricks for G Suite and Google Meet. Customers can explore how-to videos and collateral, product updates, and un-gated resources for download.

Cloudypedia is helping small & medium businesses run from home during this time by helping to get their employees enabled to work remotely. Cloudypedia has waived all service fees for SMBs and is offering consultancy and assessment workshops, end-user support, 24/7 admin support, and online training. 

Partners supporting government and higher education organizations

Pluto7 is sharing their expertise on the top use cases to improve customer experiences with AI and ML. One of the solutions that stands out is their Education ML solution, helping to build immersive learning experiences for deeper student exploration and engagement while redefining how students learn, interact, and research in a remote learning environment.

MTX is offering comprehensive solutions for Emergency Response Management (ERM) to address COVID-19’s impact on Health, Administrative, Education, and other State Agencies. The ERM Solutions are agile and flexible, and can rapidly innovate to ensure citizens receive the assistance and services they need during emergency situations. Each ERM solution can be customized and deployed in less than 48 hours.

K-12 Distance Learning

Our education partners across Latin America are helping teachers and students by offering their expertise, resources, and solutions on distance learning. Brazilian partner, Foreducation Edtech, has created a live talk video series on remote teaching best practices, including successful case studies on remote lessons from their partner schools available in Portuguese.

Edvolution launched a fully online digital adoption program that enables educational organizations to start using G Suite for Education immediately. Schools have been able to start teaching remotely within just one week with this across Latin America. Edvolution also provides technical onboarding and support, teacher training and support, as well as metrics dashboards. 

Our Google Cloud partner ecosystem is working tirelessly to help our customers, users, and communities, and we’re proud to support their work. To learn more, please visit our Partner Offers & Solutions hub.

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