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Google Cloud and Lenovo partner to provide customers with a flexible, reliable path to hybrid cloud

April 9, 2019
Kevin Ichhpurani

Corporate VP, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels

Today, we’re announcing a strategic partnership with Lenovo to develop validated designs for server appliance solutions that integrate compute, storage and networking technologies with Anthos. These integrated solutions deliver the ability to quickly deploy hardware on premises for immediate needs while providing a clear path for enterprise customers to move applications and workloads to the cloud without the need to redevelop and retest.

Google Cloud and Lenovo share a vision to bring hybrid cloud computing to more businesses, and our partnership is built on open services like Kubernetes and Istio that enable applications to move and interoperate across all platforms—the private data center, remotely-managed private clouds, public cloud platforms, and emerging workloads at the edge. With Anthos validated on Lenovo ThinkAgile systems, our goal is to reduce risk for customers and increase the speed in which they deploy their most critical hybrid workloads.

Lenovo’s leadership in software-defined infrastructure gives customers tailored machines based on workload, and its hyperconverged solutions have been recognized for reliability. With Lenovo’s support for Anthos, our joint enterprise customers get access to the entire cloud-native ecosystem of services—databases, analytics, DevOps, security, and more—including the ability to spin up development, test and production environments with cloud-like agility anywhere.

“With the growing ecosystem behind open source tools like Kubernetes and Istio driving modern IT infrastructure, Google Cloud brings the same spirit of openness that allows our customers to move workloads seamlessly between private and public clouds based on their most critical business needs,” said Kamran Amini, Vice President and General Manager, Server, Storage, & Software-Defined Solutions at Lenovo. “We’re delighted to collaborate with Google Cloud to accelerate this move toward open infrastructure marked by agility, interoperability and choice for customers.”

To learn more about Lenovo’s support for Anthos, contact us here.

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