Google Cloud and ServiceNow announce strategic partnership to enable intelligent digital workflows


Today, we’re announcing a new strategic partnership with ServiceNow to help more enterprises take advantage of the cloud for IT operations management.

For many organizations, IT operations can be a labor-intensive process that can lack transparency and slow down business agility. As a result, many enterprises are leveraging the cloud to transform these manual working processes into intelligent digital workflows that are faster, more available, and more efficient.

Bringing ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) to Google Cloud
As the first step of the partnership, ServiceNow will integrate its IT Operations Management (ITOM) capabilities with Google Cloud’s core infrastructure so that customers can use ServiceNow for the discovery and service mapping of Google Cloud’s services. This will allow enterprises to improve IT infrastructure management and monitoring, help them fine-tune the delivery of services on behalf of their customers, and better manage spend across hybrid cloud deployments. The initial phase of the integration focuses on visibility and discovery of services and is currently available. The second phase focuses on deployment policy and self-service provisioning, including support for Google Deployment Manager (GDM), and is expected to launch over the summer. Moving forward, we’ll work together with ServiceNow to continue to enhance these integrations and expand into the areas of cloud cost reporting, optimization and governance.

“Our collaboration with Google Cloud will help customers optimize their investments while leveraging Google Cloud’s global infrastructure,” says Pablo Stern, Senior Vice President of IT Workflow Products at ServiceNow. “Ultimately, we’re taking a big step forward on our shared goal of helping enterprises navigate digital transformation while simplifying and streamlining the critical work of IT.”

Adding Google Cloud AI and ML capabilities to ServiceNow
Looking ahead, ServiceNow will integrate Google Cloud AI with their digital workflow capabilities to provide a seamless, automated experience for greater efficiencies. ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) system will leverage Google Cloud’s AutoML Translation to dynamically translate user input into an IT service agent’s preferred language and to help scale IT support globally with real-time language translation. This can help enterprises improve IT service efficiency while minimizing costs and increasing employee satisfaction. This integration will be available for enterprise customers in the fall, and Google Cloud and ServiceNow will also explore developing additional AI and ML capabilities around document, speech and image understanding.

Get started today
Customers can begin leveraging our collaboration on discovery and service mapping capabilities beginning today. To learn more, sign up here.